Lucky to find a couple of hours today for writing and testing code. _Time_ really is the most valuable asset. πŸ˜…

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@bitsofbas I had the green phosphors version of that display, for my C64.

@signaleleven Love that one too, but my childhood memories lie with this colour version! Very tempted to get one though, I saw there's one for sale cheap here...

@bitsofbas I mostly used my C64 with a TV, but to learn BASIC I liked that one better. I liked retro things in the early 90s too 😊.
I still have it at my parents. If I had a house instead of a smallish apartment it would be in service.

@signaleleven I feel you pain. Struggling to find space in my flat too. This stuff is big. And it ends up living in boxes under the bed most of the time πŸ˜₯

@bitsofbas ahhh I'm jealous of that desktop model, it's a beautiful setup!

@68km Thanks! I treasure all my Philips MSX models, but this one is a bit special 😍

@kelbot Nope, it just moved. Still got more important things to fix! That pixel can wait πŸ˜‚

@bitsofbas I love that desktop case and keyboard. Also, totally dig the ``Commodore 1084'' monitor that goes with it.

(Phillips made the 1084.)

@vertigo Yup, I think it was made by Philips mostly, but branded for a whole bunch of other companies. I had the Ancona one myself, but there's many more.

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