Seeing as there's no transparency on the videoprocessor, I'm trying to use dithering to give the impression of semi-transparent tiles. Not sure if I like it yet. It feels a bit messy 🤪

This is a mockup for now. Still got to code all of that in 😱

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Running on a real what gets me every time is the stretched pixel aspect ratio. It's definitely not 4:3 -- But I refuse to compensate for it, it'll have to do.

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@bitsofbas PAL or NTSC? I think the MSX pixel aspect ratio in NTSC is 8:7 width:height. (For comparison, CoCo had 8:9 and C64 had 7:9 - very narrow pixels!) It's too much trouble to worry about aspect ratio for 8:7, but 7:9 is kind of extreme to ignore it.

@isaackuo In hindsight, I think this was extreme. Probably the OSSC stretched it too much. On CRT it looks much better, but then, that's all analog, so the screen width/height are all potmeters and set to how I like it ;-)

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