And with that two-parter, @Siiw has also seen season two of #StarTrekDiscovery :D
I liked watching it with her, but it was hard at times to not spoil things or not being able to fully discuss the episodes because I'd already seen S2 before.
Now we can both start with S3 at the same time though. :D

I love being able to share #StarTrek with her. <3

#personal #SeriesFiXatoWatches #Netflix #STDiscovery

Since #STDiscovery S3 is being released on a week-by-week basis IIRC, we should probably find something else to watch in between episodes. :)
We still have something like one and a half season of #DoctorWho to catch up on I think?

After that, perhaps #STDS9 which she hasn't seen, or #Babylon5 which I haven't seen much of, but if which she has fond memories.

#DS9 would be easy to stream from #Netflix, but #B5 unfortunately isn't on a streaming service we have.


@FiXato DS9 is entertaining enough. I watched the whole thing not long ago.

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@bitsofbas I remember that when it first aired, I thought: "meh, it's a space station; star trek has to be about a space *ship*". As it was on commercial TV at the time, and we only had NED1, 2 and 3, I couldn't see it anyway.
About a decade later a friend of mine showed some episodes, and while the pilot wasn't quite my thing, I realised the series was a lot better than I'd expected.
Since then, I've seen it about 2 or 3 times, and I rank it about as high as TNG. :)

@bitsofbas TNG still gives me much more of a feel-good nostalgia buzz, and I can easily rewatch one of its episodes just to relax.

DS9 perhaps less for the random episodes, and more for the overall storyline and character development, with which it surpasses TNG and the other series, but it lacks the nostalgia.

@bitsofbas objectively, yes, but on a personal level it is outdone by the fond memories associated with growing up with TNG :)

@FiXato Yeah, sure, I've got good memories of TNG too. But I find it painful to re-watch. It aged very, very, badly -- imho!

@bitsofbas hmm, can't say I feel that. I felt that more with Voyager.

Measure of a Man, Half A Life, Chain of Command, all feel like timeless must-watch episodes to me. :)

@FiXato Personally I rank Voyager above TNG as well! Damn, this is quickly turning into a nerdfest. Let's talk about MSX instead!

@bitsofbas pff... Voyager had even less character development than TNG had...

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