And with that two-parter, @Siiw has also seen season two of #StarTrekDiscovery :D
I liked watching it with her, but it was hard at times to not spoil things or not being able to fully discuss the episodes because I'd already seen S2 before.
Now we can both start with S3 at the same time though. :D

I love being able to share #StarTrek with her. <3

#personal #SeriesFiXatoWatches #Netflix #STDiscovery

Since #STDiscovery S3 is being released on a week-by-week basis IIRC, we should probably find something else to watch in between episodes. :)
We still have something like one and a half season of #DoctorWho to catch up on I think?

After that, perhaps #STDS9 which she hasn't seen, or #Babylon5 which I haven't seen much of, but if which she has fond memories.

#DS9 would be easy to stream from #Netflix, but #B5 unfortunately isn't on a streaming service we have.


@FiXato I remember B5 starting slowly, but then getting much better over time. Fond memories, although it may not have aged well. It's been a long time since I last watched it.

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