Levels are starting to look like an actual game now. I will be able to recycle all the old levels of my Cube Droid game for Flash! Yay, full steam ahead!

@bitsofbas I like the look. Easy to figure out what stuff is supposed to do.

@johnhattan Thanks mate. And it's not nearly done! I'm making an MSX ( that's an 80's 8-bit computer system, mainly popular in Japan and parts of europe/south america ) version of my Flash game Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy. Programming Z80 is quite a different challenge, I find 😃

@bitsofbas Are you suggesting that Z80 assembly language is different from ActionScript?

@johnhattan It's quite different. Although there's one thing in common, it's that... mmmh, no, wait, there isn't ;-)

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