Thanks for all the likes and boosts! I've never seen so many on Mastodon! 😍

Exciting stuff! Releasing my first physical game today!

And a game at that! Quartet is a quick puzzler for the 1 computer system. Graphics by the lovely @iLkKke (twitter) and code by yours truly.

Get yours here:

Please don't be shy to Boost!

Found a USB drive in the parking lot and decided to keep it for myself. Someone who listens to dance remakes of 80's classics doesn't deserve nice things.

Levels are starting to look like an actual game now. I will be able to recycle all the old levels of my Cube Droid game for Flash! Yay, full steam ahead!

Learning to code for the V9938 graphics chip because I want to make a game for the 2... Baby steps!

We both got so wet and soapy that afternoon. After dinner we fell asleep on the couch while playing Metal Gear. Such a perfect day.

Apparently everybody on social media is allowed to theme the month as they please, so here we go; is officially open for business!

Here's a nice memory from when I first bathed my . Such a grubby feller β™₯

Lovely addition to my stuff. It's the Game Master 2 that lets you cheat at Konami games ;-)

The box is repro, but actually looking and feeling really nice.

Plus a great looking Uchi-Mata tape, by courtesy of @mesiasmsx (twitter). Thanks!

Testing some different fonts and see how they look on Mastodon. For example small caps ᴍsx looks like this. And there's the πŸ…ΌπŸ†‚πŸ†‡ with the border. Or π•„π•Šπ• written like this... Don't know. Not convinced it adds anything πŸ€” Ok, let's get back to real work now.

Felt old yesterday at a retro fair. Retro has become 16bit games consoles and everything newer :-(

Lots of translated stuff from Japanese magazines. Really interesting to read.

Doubles mode for Quartet will let two players merge brains and play together as one.

Coming along nicely!

After a day of boring, though ultimately satisfying, work code, finally some happy time preparing the upcoming Quartet cartridge release.

Finally figured out how to pin my favourite hashtags in Mastodon. World of difference!

OpenMSX is such a lovely emulator for the ! -- I learned today it's possible to create a watch point for any type of access on any memory address. For example:

debug set_watchpoint write_mem {0x8000 0x8FFF}

This saves SO much time when debugging!

After almost 6(!) years, I regretted buying the version without memory expansion and now finally got me the upgrade for the MegaFlashRom.

Excellent device and excellent post-sale service from @ManuelPazosMSX (twitter) !

Quite the electrical storm last night in Alicante, Spain. It just kept going and going...

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