For those coding assembly and wanting to use the LINE command of the V9938 - But DON'T want to wrap their brains around hypotenuse, long and short triangle sides and transfer direction flags... here's the version for dummies ( like me ).

Good progress today! While sleeping, I hope I can think of a way of porting this 3D effect to the πŸ˜… 😭

Lucky to find a couple of hours today for writing and testing code. _Time_ really is the most valuable asset. πŸ˜…


Other than that, good progress tonight. Enemy bullets are (mostly) in and some other bugs fixed.

Seriously though, what's with that one pixel? And how am I going to debug it? πŸ€”πŸ˜…

Cube Droid is nearly gameplay-complete! Had run through all levels yesterday and only the enemy bullets are not working. Enemy AI could use some improvement still.

Other than that, only the boring bits are left now. Graphics, sound, effects, intro, menu, etc. πŸ˜…

Definitely full-on collecting the Japanese versions of the Konami games too now. Collecting for is dangerous. So many games! So many editions!

A trunk trade and a parcel pickup today got me three new Sony games. Especially happy with Choplifter! Yay!

"It's going to take all the driving skill" -- And also all the cringe skills when you chunkily jump from side to side and crash into cars you can't see coming from behind the hills. Still, the box is great and it's a classic. Really wanted Coaster Race in my collection!

ALWAYS use real hardware when doing retro coding! Left the openMSX emulator and on the right a real -- Spot the differences! I'm guessing it's a timing issue, writing too fast to the video chip. Or something.

The exit ship now has wings and a nice big lamp on top. Yes, I finally started adding hardware sprites which are cheap and fast for these kind of details. Good progress tonight!

EVERYONE agrees that getting your game listed on generation-msx, is basically the same as getting your own golden statue on the town square. πŸ˜…

Fancy workflow for development!

* Run/F5 from Notepad++ compiles the ROM and uploads it to my FTP server

* openMSX gets executed automatically with the game ROM (top left)

* The _real_ MSX with GR8NET (top right) a batch file can download the ROM from FTP and play it!

Came across this photo of my Philips VG8010. That's got to be one of the best looking computers. ( Although definitely not "the best" in any other aspect )

That red to white -via yellow- gradient is as smooth as I could do. Two lines share the same color simply because there's only 3 bit per RGB channel and this is as smooth as it gets. I ran out of colors! πŸ˜…

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First time coding a line interrupt ( well at least this side of Y2K ) fun too see more colors than are allowed on the -- Now that I'm looking at it... could probably do with a smoother gradient in the subtitle as well. πŸ€”

Added the alarm effect ( good old palette glow! ) and the turrets wake up ( although they still don't actually shoot )

Also added at least 10 new bugs, so yay, more to do!

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Tops on my list of "Things that should be terrible but are somehow amazing", I present William Shatner and Joe Jackson's cover of Pulp's "Common People".

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