Progress! Lazer Towers now fire in all four directions even though they clearly need some more FX love. -- Inching towards a playable game!

Running on a real what gets me every time is the stretched pixel aspect ratio. It's definitely not 4:3 -- But I refuse to compensate for it, it'll have to do.

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This is a mockup for now. Still got to code all of that in 😱

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Seeing as there's no transparency on the videoprocessor, I'm trying to use dithering to give the impression of semi-transparent tiles. Not sure if I like it yet. It feels a bit messy 🤪

And another "not so great" game, this one from Sony. But the box is pretty cool and the price was right. Very iconic line of games from back then!

Received a, very near, perfect copy of Konami's Golf today. --More than can be said from the game itself, HAL were definitely better at making golf games for the

Two parcels from the mailman! Hyper Olympics 1&2 and Yie Ar Kung-Fu! Good testosterone-boost for my collection today. 😅

Opening a mail package with a beautiful retro game. And then finding out it smells like 35 years of tobacco fumes... 💕 and 🤮

Streaming some random tunes with the MGSP2.1 player while working. Will try and skip tunes that give me a headache 😋

Also came across this great looking Freespace 2 box! Even though I can hardly remember it, I used to be into space dogfighting sims back in the late 90's and early 00's.

Sunday afternoon rummaging through my stuff. Look at this big Antarctic Adventure patch! Any idea where this came from originally?

Yay! Found a bug in Beamrider! Must've played this game a million times as a kid but never noticed it before.

Apparently there's a way for an enemy to get stuck off screen as it stops spawning new ones before the enemy counter reaches 0.

Shalom, Shalom! And welcome to my collection. -- No matter how much you're "Knightmare III", you're just not the easiest to love game. Those walls and walls of Japanese text might have something to do.

Streaming some sweet, sweet tunes here on the sweet, sweet MGSP2 player from HRA!

Not very chatty cause I'm trying to get some work done, but everyone's welcome to listen along.

REALLY enjoyed playing/cheating my way through Ghost for the

* No item descriptions in-game
* Fair amount of places where you just have to know the map layout - and start over from scratch while you don't

Controls, graphics, sound, are all great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A quartet of Quartets arrived! Ready for their new owners.

Get yours now if you're an homebrew fan!

Bit of late evening coding and playing some Moonsound tunes on the . If anyone fancies listening in, hop on Twitch.

Finally created *PERFECT* ( yes, nothing less ) crate pushing.

Quite the struggle to get it _smooth_ and bug free. Double-buffering combined with switching between static drawings and an actively updated sprite when pushing, were tricky to control.

Lucky to find this great looking King's Valley II for the - These games are getting rarer and rarer! ( Anyone got a cheap Contra or Metal Gear 2 lying around for me? 😜 )

Hey guys! I've got a friend looking for Green Beret for the . Can anyone help?

The Green Beret in the picture is mine. And stays mine - we're good friends, but not that good 😂

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