Two excellent new games for the collection! Ping-Pong and Hyper Rally 🕹️ :red_heart:

I've got to admit defeat, Cube Droid will run at 30fps from here on. I tried to push for 60fps, but on various screens there's too many enemies to blit and the poor videoprocessor just can't handle it.

Still, the original game on Flash ran at 30fps too. Good enough!

Picked up this interesting Hinotori patch. According to the previous owner it's from the 80's. But I can't find any other info -- If you've got something, please let me know!

Cube Droid can take cover behind teleport crates, but gets instantly incinerated if they were to vanish -- Incinerated by an invisible ray that is, until I get around coding the effect. But we're just aiming for functionality today.

Oh, Shit! It's Pac-Man's birthday? I guess Joey, Paul, Willy and Frankie aren't invited.🤔

Finally found a loose manual for my Qbert! Those collectibles are getting harder and harder to find!

Cube Droid for the has been on halt for some months so what better to get back into the game by writing some fun... oh, wait, I'm out of ROM memory, dammit!

Instead of fun, I did some tooling and compression for the graphics this evening. Eerily like real work! 🤔

And we're entering PHASE 1 of reopening today!

Here's a screenshot from Viper Phase 1. Which is actually MUCH more fun.

external Gotek with FlashFloppy done! -- Couldn't find a ribbon cable, but turns out a bunch of jump wires do the job just fine. The drive selector from AmigaKit works great too! Let's try some games today!

In hindsight, getting a neck gaiter with 30ºC outside was probably not a great idea. But on the other hand, I've now got the best dust sleeve in the universe for my hardware! @adam @noagendashop

I'd love to find the magazine (there don't seem to be any scans) -- or any other info about the game. This is the listing that sparked my love for programming (typing it over from the mag and then being able to MODIFY it, blew my mind!) -- Thanks for reading! 2/2

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Looking for the type-in game "SLURPSLURFMONSTER" from 198x. I found the version, but I know there's also a version which might have been published in the Dutch "MCN Magazine". Also tagging and because this magazine covered many systems. 1/2

Always wondered why I owned a with an Aquarius tape recorder. Seems like an unlikely combo.

But today I stumbled upon an old Dutch newspaper ad and look at that! Dixon's sold them together as a pack in '85. Mystery solved!

As a kid I enjoyed the Ghostbusters game very much and I still remember the smoothness of the car, even though it's just a minor detail. Goes to show how important these little details really are. 4/4

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The secret of the car itself moving smoothly to the sides is in the tileset that has 4 states of "scroll" for each of the 8x8 car tiles that are not completely white. Quickly swapping these tiles makes it look like the car moves in steps of 2 pixels. SMOOTH! 3/4

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The MSX can place sprites pixel by pixel. So first let's separate them from the tiles. The lines on the road are sprites and give the sensation of smooth acceleration/deceleration. And the Ghostbusters logo sprite on top of the car moves smoothly along with the car. 2/4

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Did a quick analysis of how Activision made the car scene in Ghostbusters so smooth on the ( which is not famous for smooth scrolling 😅 ) 1/4

Hello MSX nerds! I love you all, but not so much your foods, animals, memes, political opinions, etc 😋 So please do tag all of your MSX related posts as I don't want to miss any of them! ❤️

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