A bit more progress for Cube Droid tonight! Testing performance on my real now and I'm quite pleased with the amount ​of software sprites the old V9938 manages to push.


SO much left to do, BUT things are starting to move ( and glitch! ) -- Cube Droid is alive!

Working a bit on Cube Droid for the today. The graphics have to be improved a bit, but the code part is coming along nicely.

Saw this Space Invaders Frenzy in the wild. It's a re-imagined version of Space Invaders with a light gun. Made a quick video, but didn't actually have a go. These giant led screens give me a headache.

And with Parodius arriving today, I've now got all* of Konami's horizontal shooters for the !

*No, let's not mention the missing one. It's just too expensive 😥

Such a shame MSXdev is only 1 now ( mostly because I'm making an MSX 2 game! 😜 ) but I'm glad the competition is still alive.

And good riddance to the public poll. That was a disaster anyway.


The other day I made a silly bear sprite. The idea actually came from another game...

The title screen of this shooter by @reidrac (twitter) was cut off weirdly in my Tweetdeck and it reminded me of a cute bear, rather than an alien neck and chin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Quite enjoying my with the recently acquired Moonsound cartridge. Playing some sweet mods now without having to get the Amiga out ;-)

Got me this OPL4 cartridge. It's basically a "sound card" like the ones you'd stick in your PC, but in a neat case.

Still impressed at how easily can be extended.

Did four compatible sprites. Now, what game to make with it...

Maybe I'm doing things the wrong way around...

Lately I seem to have the missus complaining we don't get out of the house enough. Luckily there's Google to prove she's being hysterical as usual.

I'm NEVER going to collect loose cartridges because I love to have the box and the manual, it makes it all so much nicer. -- This one is very cheap though. And this one, and this one, and this one... Sigh.

This is what 20€ shipping gets you: A lovely that looks like it was kicked all the way to its destination by a rugby team 😞

Fixed this sound cartridge for the today. Broken in a drawer for years, I finally found the time to figure out what's wrong with it. Turns out the EPROM had gone bad.

After soldering a new ROM and printing a label, it's "new" again,

Thanks all you MSX peeps helping me out!

Bought yet another today. Starting to wonder if I've got a problem. On the other hand though, I've almost got all Philips models now, there's just not much more I can spend on ;-)

Cube Droid for coming along nicely.

✓ Basic wip graphics
✓ Map loading
✓ Double buffering for smooth sprites ( not smooth on gif! )

@bitsofbas: Cleaned my keyboard today. And then had to puzzle all the pieces back in their place. Weird how I spend all day using the keyboard but still can't remember where all keys go :-/

Very complete overview/play-through of the Blaster Burn game which was released episodically on the Disc Station series. -- Compile was such an iconic company for the ♥️


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