Finished reading Ringworld. It was one of the few classic Scifi books that I haven't read yet.
Review: Brilliant world building - but just okish story.

I'm thinking of creating some content on Zettelkasten. Want to understand how interested people will be before investing my time. Have you heard of Zettelkasten(Note taking process/Knowledge management system)? Will you interested in this concept?

@spacecommunism Ahh, ok. Understandable. I was asking as I work for an NGO as well. :-D Just programmer friends in general huh? Then count me in. Full stack development capable + knowledge about most scripting languages. :-D Hi there! Any specific platform that you are interested in?

@saskiavideler Same here. Literally joined an hour back. Trying to figure it out. Consider doing an toot. That's seems to be a thing. Have fun 😵

@harlequinade Hey! I work for an NGO called Make a Difference( We are trying to introduce some gamification aspects into our systems. Will you be interested in taking a look at them when done and give us some feedback on how it can be done better? Thanks :-D

Name's Binny V A. I'm am the Director of Technology at Make A Difference, an NGO working towards ensuring equitable outcomes for children in shelter care.

I have been a photographer since 2009. Mostly into landscape and street photography.

I'm a stand-up philosopher as well. That means I talk about philosophy for the sake of entertainment rather than enlightenment. But if you get a bit more enlightened listening to me, I'd consider that a happy bonus.

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