To start vagrant: vagrant up
To stop vagrant: vagrant halt
Because the opposite of up is halt.

My new teammate keeps trying to tell me about his Go projects that he writes in his free time. You do you, friend. But leave me out of it.

Two days ago I pointed out the we've moved our development to a single server and we don't have a plan for a critical failure.

I'll give you two guesses what experienced a critical failure today.

An interviewer asked me what my favorite algorithm is. I don't have an answer. I write them as needed. Does anyone have a favorite?

I once bought the wrong size bed sheet and didn't realize until it until it was out of the package. Getting a fitted sheet back into the package it just came out of is an impossible task.

I bring this up because I'm putting together a RHEL kickstart disk that has to fit on a standard DVD. The result fits as well as my repacked sheet.

TIL you can point a RHEL package manager at a CentOS repo. It's a terrible idea, but you can do it.

It's using CMD to execute ipconfig, grep for eth3, then awk to get the local address. So... not an ideal setup.

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I'm having trouble permanently renaming network ports in CentOS. It doesn't stick around after a reboot. Legacy code really wants to use eth3 (not en0s8). So I'm torn between fixing the code or looking up how to have the name change stick.

Is there a good tech company in Orlando? Asking for a friend.

You know how in C if you put three floats in a struct the compiler will make it 4 bytes? Then you cast it to a different struct of a different size. Then you let 30 years pass and good luck to the guy that gets to convert that to 64 bit.

Bad movies 

A friend asked if any film got software right. Mr. Robot does the best representation without getting too real. The worst, Swordfish:

Currently bringing a bash script out of retirement. Then I remembered what set -x does. Hello old friend. I wonder what else I've forgotten.

I'm working on a 30 year-old baseline that hasn't been touched in 10 years. The last version control system they used was RCS. It's literally "Revision Control System". I had to look it up. Then I had to learn it. The 80s were crazy y'all. Also, RSC is older than RotJ.

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