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Is `192.11046143` a valid IPv4 address?

Every now and then something you thought was simple turns out to be anything but. Today, it's IP addresses:


I’m still struggling to go from character to tone reliably. I can have a good guess at the pinyin, but I don’t yet have a system for tones. I suspect this is where I need to bring the spoken and the written languages together.


🎉 Hit my target of 600 characters by the end of the year. I can’t keep pace with the little one, but I’m making progress!

🤔 I wonder if Spaced Repetition can be applied to relationships.

Been thinking about a number of decent one-off conversations I've had in 2020.

Excellent article on 5G. It gets a bit technical but I particularly like this paragraph:

> “The level of excitement should be more akin to finding out your city has (silently) dug up the streets while you were sleeping, replaced 10-inch water mains with 20-inch ones, and then cleaned it all up without you knowing.”

Breakfasts are becoming increasingly confused…

“我要豆包,要面包。豆包和面包一起! 还要橘子酱!”

Is this how fusion food begins?

I'm as guilty as anyone, but it still never ceases to amaze me how easy and exciting it is to invest time in tasks tangential to our main goals.

Does anyone have any Mandarin podcasts they’d recommend? Not Chinese lessons, but content in Mandarin 🇨🇳

I’m up to 420 characters…

To natives I’m sure this is obvious but it makes my mind boggle to see that I can read Chinese even when I have no idea what the words sound like.

Proud dad moments… when you pick up one of your son’s books and realise that you can actually read the title of the book 😂

Much of the reaction to the youtube-dl takedown by GitHub seems to be a clamouring to host the bits elsewhere... very little thought given to the impact on the community, developers and communication that went with it. GitHub’s lock in is not the hosting of bits.

I’m torn with ‘serverless’ as made popular by AWS Lambda. The nerd in me wants to get excited but I’ve struggled to map that excitement into situations where I’d advise someone to use serverless to solve a problem they face.

Jetlag get worse with age. I thought I’d beaten it but have just realised I’ve been having two sleeps a day since swapping timezones. Can’t work out if I just embrace this whole two days in one thing.

Enjoyed the Go London Study Group this evening. Added super sampling to my Mandelbrot set generator.

Why do both Feedly and Inoreader make it so difficult to find their pricing details. In both cases I’m asked to log in or register before seeing pricing.

Any recommendations for open/trustworthy alternatives?

If you are in the U.K. Monzo are giving £10 to anyone who uses a referral link to open an account. I don’t benefit from referrals, but you can.

Who doesn’t want a mobile first, cloud native bank that was built from the ground up in the last few years? AND it comes with a hot coral pink card. What’s not to love?

The economics of the gig economy in China mean it is not only possible but seems common to get someone to go to Starbucks and bring you your coffee in the morning.

The store is open, staff are making coffee but I’m the only customer here. Instead there are a steady stream of delivery riders turning up to collect orders.

It’s easy to miss just how quickly the tech giants have conquered payments in China. What stands out is how the humble QR code has enabled street vendors to take electronic payments with no investment in expensive card readers or payment terminals.

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