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Federation Update: We have pushed most of the code, and will be making an announcement in the next few days. #pixelfed

Dynamic DNS providers seem to have fallen by the wayside recently, either shutting down completely or competing to generate the most unwanted email. So I over-engineered a solution:
- Goggle App Engine service to give me external IP
- Go client to update Route53 hosted DNS when IP changes
- Packaged in a Docker container
- Deployed on Kubernetes
- Running on a Raspberry Pi cluster

There are a few tweaks to make mostly logging/metrics, but it seems to be working well so far.

Am curious as to how others handle the issue of sensitive data leaking into logs? When I faced this, there were three strong opinions:
1. Good developers don’t leak sensitive data - improve dev
2. Ops requires everything - secure access to the logs
3. Filter before indexing - regular expressions to the rescue

I like this side-car approach, but don’t see much open discussion on mitigating sensitive data in logs. Are we pretending this is a non-issue?

I wrote up how I'm pulling together multi-architecture support for my Docker builds. In the absence of ARM MacBooks, it's obviously important to keep shipping for the Raspberry Pi.

Would love to be able to do this with a single Dockerfile so welcome any suggestions for improvement.

Finally got script set-up to give me multi-architecture Docker images. Overkill for hobby projects I know, but who doesn't want to ship code to a cluster of Pis.

@vickylai I just deployed an instance of your Ephemeral project and wanted to thank you. I've got it in 'dry run' mode for now as I'm hoping to archive tweets before deletion.

I had an issue, and noticed that L68 swallows the error returned by getTimeline(). This hides errors like 'invalid tokens'. Other than that, it worked first time which is a testament to project simplicity and excellent documentation.

I don't want to make the assumption you accept PRs, but happy to create one if it would be useful.

Go App Engine

I'm really liking the recent update to Google App Engine. In addition to support for the 1.11 release they have also made it possible to deploy standard applications. You no longer need to write code specifically for App Engine.

A write-up of my first application is here:

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One of the most frustrating things about app reviews are that people are heavily biased towards giving it a bad rating. For example, I got given 3 stars because I don't have an iPad app. Nowhere did I state that I do, and it wasn't a feature I included in any of my descriptions or promo materials. The absence of something doesn't make the existing product any less valuable surely. Why are the included features never given merits. It's often always the absence of things that are seen.

Tried my hand at live coding yesterday. Such a strange experience as essentially I was speaking to myself for the majority of the time. Overall it was positive and I found myself making more conscious decisions with the code I wrote. Definitely going to be doing this again.

“Bridging the Artificial Divide” by Alicia Liu

If we see the arts and humanities as less worthy, or fluffy, how can engineers be sure we understand the society and people we claim to serve?

I set out to see how expensive function calls were in . I’m not sure I got to the answer, but it was an educational journey involving benchmarking, compiler optimisation, inlining and assembly.

Chinese Visa application for a newborn requires me to provide employment status. I’m torn between ‘unemployed’ and ‘entertainer’.

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@bill It feels that code is much more comprehendible if you're not initially having to go through a load of functions out of context first. Get the context first and you can read the functions later, if you wish. The functions should also be named well so you shouldn't need to read them all to understand an algorithm, IMHO.

Dipping my toes into the world of Mastodon. Love the idea of a global technology themed community incentivised to respect each other and be nice.

Mastodon for Tech Folks

This Mastodon instance is for people interested in technology. Discussions aren't limited to technology, because tech folks shouldn't be limited to technology either!