@mdhughes This is the kind of thing I used to ask my parents to do. Where was this evidence when I needed it? This clearly shows that it was possible.

麻辣早餐 - I used to find it odd that hotels in Asia provided noodles and rice dishes for breakfast. Oh how I was wrong. I’ve been missing out. Who needs toast or cereal when you can bring variety (and spice) to breakfast?

🎞 Any advice for storing film negatives? I'm currently thinking of using plastic archival sheets in a box file.

Achievement unlocked! Legs felt like jelly for the final 800m. I think I need to add some slack into the route as it’s hard to separate distance milestones from physical landmarks.

Been working with real film for the first time in 23 years. The first film was quite an experiment that yielded a handful of real gems.

This weekend I’m going to try developing and printing one of my own photos. Beyond excited.

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@Nezchan @pixouls I have yet to find anything today that makes website building as easy and fun as Allaire Homesite (bought by Dreamweaver which was bought by Adobe) OR Anansi did back in 1997-9.
Anansi was a one-person project written in Turbo Pascal which I think was an old language then. The writer was Dutch, maybe Dutch-Surinamese, which would explain the name. It had project-wide search and replace, syntax highlighting and a built-in browser preview.

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This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!


@pixouls this is to help compile the company playlist that will play at all hands events while execs dance in their chairs.

Pairing with someone learning to be a software engineer and it's a refreshing reminder of just how much we take for granted in tech. Also realising how many confusing or dismissive explanations there are.

"SQL is written in C"

The 12V
Lego Inter-City set (7745) and the associated level-crossing, signalling and lighting still remains one of my favourite sets of all time. The current trains don't even come close.

* track you built yourself, rail by rail
* physical to switch points, open gates, etc.
* powered signalling
* dimmable lighting for stations

Using a pile of onions to teach division was only ever going to end one way 🧅

10/2 = 2 piles of 5 ✅
10/10 = 10 piles of 1 ✅

Then the inevitable question, “but what’s 1/10”

1/10 = 🥹

It’s been a whole since I’ve done this. Really looking forward to the next 36 photos. Incredible how much can be packed into a mechanical camera.

One of the most valuable things we can offer people is time.

Been spending some time with people recently helping navigate problems that are new to me, talking through my reasoning, searching the web together, making false starts and then correcting until we arrrive at a solution.

The temptation to point to answers is real, but the delight that comes from shared discovery is invaluable. You don’t have to be an expert in a field to help someone.

@pixouls generative art is such a fun way to learn a language. Need to pick this back up.

Need to work on my software engineering related Chinese vocabulary. Stretch goal could be pair programming in a second language.

Anyone know how iCloud calendar sends invites on my behalf? Or better yet how I can get invites to leave via a specific SMTP server?

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Hi! I'm Jenny, a UK-based digital artist who loves bright colors and creating joyful art, and I'm looking for work in games and fantasy illustration.

If I'd be a good fit for your project, please get in touch:

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