Enjoyed the Go London Study Group this evening. Added super sampling to my Mandelbrot set generator.

LondonGophers November meet-up will be live in just under 10 minutes. Thanks to @RiverIsland@twitter.com for the venue: youtu.be/bW4aM7U5yt0?a

Pencilled in to give my first ever talk at a meet-up. The theme... learning.

I'd love to hear your experiences: What helped you learn Go? What really got in the way? But above all, what projects did you invent just so that you could try things out?

It is not often I look at a snippet of code and marvel at it's simplicity. Curiosity led me to poke at the `sync.Once` type from the standard library. Love it!


I'm not sure why I expect complexity, magic and wizardry from the standard library. It's reassuring to learn it isn't all a dark art.

Go App Engine

I'm really liking the recent update to Google App Engine. In addition to support for the 1.11 release they have also made it possible to deploy standard applications. You no longer need to write code specifically for App Engine.

A write-up of my first application is here: billglover.me/2018/10/22/go-ap

I set out to see how expensive function calls were in . I’m not sure I got to the answer, but it was an educational journey involving benchmarking, compiler optimisation, inlining and assembly.


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