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Trying to make banana bread whilst looking after a 4-month old wasn’t the best idea in the world. Completely forgot the eggs 😱 somehow it’s till edible. Cake anyone? 🍌 🍞

Dynamic DNS providers seem to have fallen by the wayside recently, either shutting down completely or competing to generate the most unwanted email. So I over-engineered a solution:
- Goggle App Engine service to give me external IP
- Go client to update Route53 hosted DNS when IP changes
- Packaged in a Docker container
- Deployed on Kubernetes
- Running on a Raspberry Pi cluster

There are a few tweaks to make mostly logging/metrics, but it seems to be working well so far.

Finally got script set-up to give me multi-architecture Docker images. Overkill for hobby projects I know, but who doesn't want to ship code to a cluster of Pis.

Chinese Visa application for a newborn requires me to provide employment status. I’m torn between ‘unemployed’ and ‘entertainer’.

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