Pencilled in to give my first ever talk at a meet-up. The theme... learning.

I'd love to hear your experiences: What helped you learn Go? What really got in the way? But above all, what projects did you invent just so that you could try things out?

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@equal love it. I think people are forever re-using projects or inventing new ones in order to help themselves learn I've seen very little in the way of encouragement to new learners for doing this. The one time when repeating yourself really should be encouraged.

@bill Yep. Reimplement a solution you understand very well so you can concentrate on the implementation differences and not waste brain cycles digesting the problem. I usually end up writing a raytracer right afterwards.

@equal The other trick that worked for me with Go was to take a language feature or standard library package and to invent a project that might use it. Example, `pkg/bytes` - trawl through my photo archives extracting Exif data. Learned a lot, but probably won't use of existing Exif parsers. Throw-away code is another essential component of learning.

@bill nice! that's a great approach. Still trying to wrap my head around Go's empty interfaces and type assertion weirdness, but hey, I've done Scala so it can't be that hard...

@equal it took me a long time to find a need to write my own interfaces, but was over the moon when it first came up. Haven't got near an empty one other than marshalling/un-marshalling. Always learning though.

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