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Gender bias 

Talking to some peers about the different experiences male and female engineers have and a female engineer ran a test and blogged as both her and using a male name. The male got "fame" and was invited to groups etc, whereas, directly, she got next to nothing. It feels that we, all of us, have a _long_ way to go still. Also I'm not inviting debates about this toot; it's just about experiences. I don't want to have to defend myself everywhere.

Birdsite and mental health 

Have deleted my birdsite app from my phone for September. I'll miss my birdsite friends but generally it's just far toxic there now for me. I feel quite triggered or down when I start to read stuff there.

I'm off to work today and he's going out with his walker and friends but I wish we were doing more tracking together! If you have a dog, find your local mantrailing group and try it! Your dog will have a ball!

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Went for a Search and Rescue "mantrailing" course with my dog on Saturday and it was the best thing I've ever done with him! He's really good at it (like most dogs) and he's really driven and enthusiastic and loved it!

Grab your 20-sided dice and one of our four brand-new wordlists drawn from fan-created Wikia pages for Star Trek, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter, to create strong, memorable, extremely random passwords.

The bouncer squints skeptically at the ID. "This really you?" he asks, half-jokingly.

"Well, no, it's not," Magritte says, "it's a representation of--"

Massive regret that I didn't get it together and go to this year! 😢

"Stream it to ioutils.Discard..." is the equivalent of "Talk to the hand...".

Oddly, I've really never wanted to do anything else other than write code for a living. It's actually my dream job! :)

Having programmed for a long time I found a little while ago that I'd got into a habit of almost becoming stymied when writing code because I was overthinking things. Instead of writing the simple case I was thinking of all of the cases in the future; not functionality but structure of my code. Running through some basic data structure katas helped re-focus onto actually writing code rather than overthinking. At least, having trust in myself that I was doing the right thing.

This is what happens when I ignore my dog and do some coding. :)

I have the habit of placing functions definitions before calls to that function due to compiler limitations but Go doesn't have that limitation so I'm putting them in an order of call then definition. Means you don't need to go through a bunch of random function definitions before you see how they're used. Totally sensible.

Today has been a couple of interesting issues. The first being an expired certificate on a cluster (for which I quickly installed cert-manager to manage certs from now on) and performance issues on a cluster which turned out to have 659 evicted pods!

A consistent problem I have with post-apocalyptic fiction, particularly the Walking Dead, is the view of a world where everyone is amoral and out for themselves. That's not a very good description of how people actually behave in crises but it is a good description of normative behavior under capitalism.

Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.

If there was one word I could remove from common use it would be "techies".

Some people following me who don't have a bio and haven't tooted anything yet so I can't follow back. :oh_no:

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