Re-post from IrishAero on Twitter: Very interesting report on Shannon high level Friday 9 November at 0630z with multiple aircraft with reported sightings of a UFO over County Kerry. Skip to 17 minutes to listen reports on @liveatc

The president is a fascist
RT Trump promises concentration camps and indefinite detention for border-crossers: "One other thing -- important -- we're not doing any releases anymore... We'll build tent cities, whatever we have to build in terms of housing. We're not doing releases."


cablepunk, cellpunk, radpunk, neonpunk, hackpunk, nerdpunk...

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Is there a '...punk' term yet for a period of the 80s such as portrayed in and ? I really love the atompunk style but there must be a term for 1980s style... Maybe rampunk, or vidpunk... I'm going to think of one.

Continuing my catching up on stuff I should have already seen, I'm watching Jessica Jones at the moment which is excellent!

*Really* excited to hear there will be a TV series of ! I'm a huge fan and backed the original Kickstarter art book!

@deshipu I've been a GITS fan for years, books and anime, but just watched the live action film.

@Argus I'm a fan of the book and the anime but just watched the live action.

Blade Runner is my favourite sci-fi film so I'm really happy when things take inspiration from it! 😊

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Finally got around to watching and really enjoyed it! Ok, there are issues and it takes a lot of inspiration from other things such as Blade Runner (as Masamune Shirow did) but I *really* enjoyed it!

I'm going to stop talking myself down. I do know what I'm doing so I'm going to stop constantly thinking I know nothing! 😁

@tommasz I've been learning Go recently which I'm enjoying. It's not too far away from C too.

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