Re-post from IrishAero on Twitter: Very interesting report on Shannon high level Friday 9 November at 0630z with multiple aircraft with reported sightings of a UFO over County Kerry. Skip to 17 minutes to listen reports on @liveatc

The president is a fascist
RT Trump promises concentration camps and indefinite detention for border-crossers: "One other thing -- important -- we're not doing any releases anymore... We'll build tent cities, whatever we have to build in terms of housing. We're not doing releases."


cablepunk, cellpunk, radpunk, neonpunk, hackpunk, nerdpunk...

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Is there a '...punk' term yet for a period of the 80s such as portrayed in and ? I really love the atompunk style but there must be a term for 1980s style... Maybe rampunk, or vidpunk... I'm going to think of one.

Continuing my catching up on stuff I should have already seen, I'm watching Jessica Jones at the moment which is excellent!

*Really* excited to hear there will be a TV series of ! I'm a huge fan and backed the original Kickstarter art book!

Blade Runner is my favourite sci-fi film so I'm really happy when things take inspiration from it! 😊

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Finally got around to watching and really enjoyed it! Ok, there are issues and it takes a lot of inspiration from other things such as Blade Runner (as Masamune Shirow did) but I *really* enjoyed it!

I'm going to stop talking myself down. I do know what I'm doing so I'm going to stop constantly thinking I know nothing! 😁

I truly believe that (the protocol behind ) has the potential to redefine the way we create and connect on the internet. But to get there, we need to spread the word - a network is only as valuable as the people in it.

I want to get that ball rolling - I wrote a blog post about how ActivityPub is going to change the internet. Check it out here: And please boost/share to your other networks so we can keep making the Fediverse bigger!

Amazing final session in our current campaign; the shadow dragon defeated, the drow vanquished, and peace has returned to the valley. As for my character; she returned home with her brother to her family in the north (some 10k GP richer).

"Designing something changes the future that is possible". -- Designing Your Life

sexism in tech, misogyny, bullying, power dynamics 

I do use loads of exclamation marks and I don't even care!😋

Wish companies would stop sending customers an email from an address they can't reply to. It's really bad form. Either don't use email to provide information or do allow them to reply to them.

Thinking about TV watching; I guess I watch around 2/3 hours per evening. I get up at 6am and study for an hour, then walk my dog, and go to work. Then I get back in at 7pm and walk my dog again, have dinner while watching the local news. I sit down around 8pm and watch an hour of TV while playing with my dog. Then 9pm we go to bed and I watch another hour or so. I'm thinking I'm going to try to remove the last hour of TV in my day.

Home late as my work has been on lockdown for hours due to a suspect vehicle parked outside the building. Controlled explosions, bomb robots, the lot!

Animated GIF; allusion to profanity 

I've been re-watching because it's on Netflix UK and it still makes me laugh out loud!

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