Deciding to get back on this mastodon train. It's been a while.

Just found my first person on mastodon that I know from both real life (remote work, but I say it still counts). @qyliss, I never followed you on twitter, but I do now on this much better platform. 😁

Also, why am I only just now following you on github? (like actually clicked the follow button, Ive watched your work on github for some time)

FINALLY got my mu4e and offlineimap config where I THINK I want it. One less reason to open a browser and on more reason to stay in .

Feeling a lot more confident about Mastodon's software project now 

In the Discord chat this morning we hashed out a wide spread of problems(like, every one that you might think of), and a need to start adding formal structure to get it past the solo development phase. We started on a big issues/proposals doc and Eugen is considering options, it just took a lot of pressure before he was convinced that the status quo wasn't working. Hopefully more good news to come soon. #mastodev

The hardest part of deciding whether to create an instance is what to use for a domain name

I would like to give some credit and props to all the developers who have worked on building #Mastodon /GS/OS.
Everyone talks about the missing features, but this is a pretty well made, well designed and largely bug-free product, for what I assume has largely been a volunteer effort.
Remember that the competitors have huge staffs of full time devs hired specifically to work on that product, so there's a big difference in resources. #Mastodev

The federated timeline can be a little scary sometimes.

mastodon has had the wonderful effect of reducing my Facebook usage to almost 0, and now that I'm seeing it from outside, I'm noticing how truly creepy and surreal it is.

Remember, has a Code of Conduct that we adhere to. Details available on the instance info page.

If you ever feel unwelcome or unsafe, contact me directly or file a report.

I… I honestly think Mastodon broke Twitter for me, after eight years of using it. I just tried writing a tweet to tell my followers they should follow me on Mastodon because I'm much more active here right now.

Ended up with 200 characters and had to remove the explanatory half-sentence I had added, so in the end I had a weird mangled mess that didn't express what I wanted to communicate.

140 characters feel incredibly limiting and frustrating now.

@benjamreynolds if you ever feel excluded or unwelcome here, let me know. I'm trying to make this the best possible space it can be 👍

@ashfurrow @benjamreynolds This is precisely why I have hope for Mastodon. Motivated admins like Ash can keep us troll-free! 🎉

I feel so much more welcome and at home here on mastodon. I felt like I got lost in all the noise of Twitter, and never really interacted with anyone. This feels so much more inclusive.

Thanks to the new Education modals, I now have a better understanding of what can and cant make it in to my federated timeline.

@mjd Im getting a 422 when I try to follow your account. Wondering if this is related to your mastodon instance. (since you mentioned it was a self-deploy)

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