From 1990:

"The little media attention that the by-election attracted was focussed on a bizarre row between Labour and the Raving Loonies. [...] the Labour agent tried erroneously to have the Loony candidate, party leader Screaming Lord Sutch, arrested for breaking an electoral law that had been changed in 1987. He attempted to have Sutch charged with the former offence of using a public house as an election campaign headquarters."

The Loonies finished above the SDP, who dissolved their party as a result.

Hi all, just a quick intro - joined Mastodon a while back but giving it another go as it grows.

I'm a tech leader type from Manchester in the UK, interested in retrocomputing, church choirs, fishing, neuroscience, maths and I'm a bit of a politics geek.

My grandmother appears to be having a conversation with the autoresponder I set to tell people I'd moved off gmail.

Inordinately proud of this. One of my sons wanted his brass-rubbing of a Lancaster Bomber into a "paper plane", so I made this cardboard contraption from an old box and a bit of metal for a nose-weight. Flies like a beauty.

Rugby sevens at the Commonwealth Games absolutely fantastic to watch. Great stuff. Prefer watching it to both League and regular Union.

Excellent - £10 on the nose for Tiger Roll in the National. 👍

Mastodon feels quite like the BBS scene back in the 80s and early 90s. Even the early internet. Lots of really interesting stuff to find, but you have to do a little bit of work to find it, which makes it more satisfying somehow..

Interested in connecting on here with UK-based programming contractors who are interested in levelling up their professional practice. Pls drop me a message if so.

Slowly getting back into my swimming after a *long* hiatus. Did 1600m in 30 mins yesterday. Want to get that up to about 2.1km and then we'll be talking...

Just listened to the Mastodon founder on Software Engineering Daily. Very interesting - and also interesting to hear that other people are working on clients for Mastodon. If someone made a client which looked halfway between Facebook and classic Reddit, I reckon the users would start piling on.

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