Got a new network switch today. It’s the little things... just stoped by and took a look at your neat blogging page. looks awesome! Mind tellin me what engine you are using?

I spend half a day trying to make a bootable windows 10 stick. Now it is dead.

dd, for me, is still one of the most reliable tools when it comes to disk images.

Just forgot that I have . Though I‘m not big of a social media guy. So welcome back to the fedivers.

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Seriously, all the Apple Core and Foundation libraries are available built on Windows.

Apple just doesn't allow *you* to use them.

Good enough for me, but not for thee.

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How the hell did all this apple devices come into my household ?

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Good morning world. Don’t screw up this week. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

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Showerthought: A hobby is a thing that you can NOT do and it doesn't affect your life.

Resource problem: 

Running out on mazes with pony's, fairies and unicorns..

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Showed my 3 year old twins what mazes are.... 

Our afternoons are never the same again :nyancat_rainbow:

BTW. The 3rd day without cigarettes and the feeling of hating everyone including myself is slowly fading away...

Austrian vps providers... 

Just had the craziest vps-experience. Most actual listed os by the provider was ubuntu 16.4. No dust-upgrade possible, can't install docker, can't install different kernel... Supportagent on phone didn't even get 10% percent of what I was talking about, my ticket never got answered....

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Keep petting that dog, and nobody explodes.

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