You might be able to do it with:
0 0 * * thu/14
“At 00:00 on every 14th day-of-week from Thursday through Sunday.”

Depending on whether your cron program supports it

Though it has created or helped industries I personally enjoy, movies, games, etc. Most of these do use technology as the means to an end. For example we can just as well have stopped creating games with better graphics (in terms of 3D) to tell stories or have as pieces of art. Having better 3D graphics does not strictly lead to better games, but the market is pushed by the GPU and major game engine industries.

I think it's quite difficult to get away from that, especially in business.

The money and close minded side has, in my opinion, stopped us from getting on with solving problems, while it has fostered a lot of innovation im not sure whether a lot if it was strictly necessary.

I guess this is about the focus of creating end-user software, rather than the implementation.

But what about software that humans dont directly interact with, what are the focuses for those?

Since Linux uses Realms instead of Domains I'd like to propose admin job titles be changed to 'Knights of the Realm'

Last time I tried it, and if someone can point me to documentation that says otherwise, you had to upload all of your media in to its database, so if you have 1TB of raw video files then you had to have the same amount of storage on the machine you were using as the server, which doesn't help if they are on the same machine.

What about if people just printed a data structure of 1,000,000 hello's, like in a list or array?

In Haskell you would make a set, then just print the set, does it have to be about iteration?



Also your test is dependant on lines being written to the terminal, so you'll get a bottleneck there... You'll need many more metrics than this for it to mean anything.

Try factorising, iterating over large data structures, basically anything that doesn't require an external dependancy like I/O or networking.

Not bashing, just trying to help, unless you are benchmarking startup times?

Emacs, but KDE is a very close second for the traditional style, for me tbh it's mainly Krunner that makes it.

I feel like Xmpp isn't pushed enough as an alternative, I guess it's just not as easy to setup a group/room?

It's funny, I enjoyed the way that *nix works compared to Windows, but now I've had my head in Lisp and Scheme systems like Guix, Mezzano, and Plan9 have just blown it out the water for me. Systems that handle complexity and flexibility with structured extensibility seems the way forward.

@deshipu @projectgus
So, moving away from the building analogy slightly, would you be more in favour of having strong foundational components, and then allow the user to define how the semi-trivial and trivial aspects should work?

@projectgus @deshipu
I think that's the point, you can have all the plans but to actually build Firefox is another matter.

I haven't done so myself, but I think I've read posts that say it's a big pain to build.

Y'all only need to write Eval/Apply, the rest is just description ;)

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