Is anyone aware of a good way to backup storage servers to offsite locations, something like rsync to AWS Cold/Glacier storage. Or a Linux supported application that deals with offsite, infrequent access backups?

My reasons for doing it this way is that it will be highly resilient for our business and will be a lot easier to scale up as we need it to. This is an overkill setup for what we are running currently but I can see us becoming more dependent on self hosting as it is cheaper than using the cloud for random things we need to run. I have already spun up servers for monitoring, helpdesk, and backups. All would have not existed had I not had some old servers to play around with.

Virtual server is currently going to be a single self-hosted oVirt install for VM use. So in essence the whole thing will look something like this:

Storage servers will be set out as such: CentOS 7 for OS, md RAID1 for 8 drives (4 groups of 2, 2TB each drive), LVM PV for all RAID blocks, GlusterFS Bricks are contained within a LV. This config will span 2 servers.

My idea is to deploy an oVirt cluster with a GlusterFS cluster as a storage backend, servers are connected via dual 10GB NICs to talk between the clusters and a normal 1GB NIC is used as management and external access for the clustered services.

Is anyone able to help me sanity check some infrastructure that I would like to deploy at work? We are in the process of moving away from an SBS2011 install and a very small VMWare installation (only 2 VMs currently). I would like to put in a virtualisation platform that would allow us to use more services as our needs grow. I would also like to use as much OSS/FOSS stuff as possible without making it too complicated. Any opinions or recommendations are welcome.

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