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I'm a Software Developer writing in , and mostly. I'm in love with and use it for my pet projects.

I use Linux for almost a decade now and I like diving more and more into it.

Expect some useful (I hope) developer tips, linux usefulness, shower thoughts and maybe my life insights.

P.S. I've never had a blog, so please be tolerate to newbie =)

I wrote a new piece of software: 🎉

Basically, it is "make you image square as a service". You give it a URL of a png image, it crops the empty space and makes it square.
Everything happens during the request handling, nothing is stored anywhere.

I use it to quickly get tokens for my Pathfinder camping in Roll20, saves me some time. Would be happy if anyone finds it useful.

After 2 years of development, I finally completed it: 🎉

In short, this is a chat bot for rolling dices (that was easy!), and searching for D&D 5e spells, monsters and items (I almost killed myself there)

The code is really shitty, but it works. Maybe I'll improve it after healing the burn out

Why it took 2 years? Rust was really tough for me and 2 years ago there was no async ecosystem that we have now, only plain Futures

I'm so happy, I managed to do this!

Helsinki is awesome! It is a rare fusion of modern city and wild nature, where everyone lives in peace.

I meant 5.2.3 and 5.2.4 of course, sorry.
And no, the bug is still here. Found this bugreport though:

TL;DR: If you display hangs use `i915.enable_psr=0` option

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Seems like update to 5.3 solves the problem. 5.4 is coming, hope it will be safe to update.

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Yay, got my Residence Permit at last! 🎉
Moving to Finland! 🇫🇮

My :archlinux: started to freeze completely recently. I tried:
* Switch from -ck to vanilla kernel :linux:
* Tweak i915 driver
* Switch from X11 to Wayland
* Try different WM
Nothing helped! It once hanged during boot while asking a password to decrypt my root partition. :mastodon_oops:
Finally, I installed the LTS kernel (4.19) and everything is perfect again! Something seems to be broken in linux-5.2 🤔

Interesting analytics on new programming language "V"
TD;DR: Do not trust claims that looks too fantastic. They are actually just author's fantasy. Everything is having it's own drawbacks and finding the right balance requires a lot of hard engineering.

V is for Vaporware


The programmer (aka developer, aka engineer) spends his entire life trying to understand how does that thing on his desk work.

From transistors to browsers there are hundreds of abstraction levels and all of them evolves constantly.

I like having that Pandora's box on my desk :blobcat:

Hey, I've just invented perfect messaging protocol way better than SOAP, JSON and ProtoBuf all together!

You just write your data in SQLite and then send db file to recipient! She can then parse META-data, do search queries, and much more! Next step in application communication! Infinite possibilities!

It also tricks most forms that validates non-empty input, like this:

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Did you know there is a Unicode symbol "U00ad - Soft Wrap"? It can make any code uncompilable without even showing the error.

In the screenshot below it is on line 22 just before return. The file is marked as containing errors but specific place is highlighted only on scroll bar case it's with is 0.

You can enter this symbol from keyboard if you enable Compose Key (see wikipedia) and press
<Compose_key> <minus> <minus> <space>

I don't like languages with GC (though they are my main source of income).
They are felt like a car with poor engine witch cannot burn fuel efficiently. And there is a bucket connected to exhaust pipe to collect remains. Periodically the car have to stop to transfuse fuel back into gas tank.

Yep, it actually works and you can drive wherever you want, but... Maybe you'd prefer y but efficient one ;)

We need a special language for developers where most used words will be up to 3 letters long. Good Linguist's PhD thesis 😄

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After another "SubscriberRestrictionInfoRestControllerTest" I thought it may be a good idea to use Simplified Chinese for variable and class names.
The above mess is just:
13 symbols vs 43!
(I don't know Chinese at all, there are some mistakes probably)

I'm super hyped about upcoming F(x) phone. There is not much info on official site:
But some sweet details can be found in theirs email list:

* 5-row QWERTY slider
* 6'' display with tiny borders
* Pure android with landscape hacks OR Sailfish (that's my choice)!

If you feel like using in your project but don't like the new requirement of having it deployed next to your app — take a look at

It is a tiny lib that allows you to have mongo-like db right in you RAM or hard drive. It is written in C, but you can find bindings for almost every other platform.

The last one: Shell scripts in DOCKERFILE.
If you use docker a lot than probably at least one of the following is true:
1. You have images that are based on other images (and those are based on some other)
2. There are a lot of duplication in your Dockerfiles

The advise is simple: get rid of Dockerfiles entirely =)
There is a project that gives you an ability to create images from ansible playbooks directly. You can get the advantage of ansible roles and molecule tests!

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