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I created a bunch of ornamention exercises for traditional ornaments in mainly Balkan folk music. Releasing them for free because I consider myself a Balkan traditional folk ambassador.
Fingerings are for piano accordion, but the exercises can be played on any instrument, basically.

@belajaakacija - Who the F are you that telling me what to post and what not to post! GTFO

Big respect to those that do heavy physical labour every single day as a job.
I only have to do it once in a while on my job, but every time I do, I get reminded at how taxing that shit is.

Today was one of those days and I didn't even have to do more than 8 hours -- only 6 today
But shit am I tired 😩

I lugged 10 2,000lb servers, unpacked them, set them up and installed them at a data centre

It was surprisingly easy to set up low latency audio for recording and playback in Manjaro, using Jack

Side note: it feels funny to use a DAW in i3wm, but in a good way

It is done... My hard drive is now completely FOSS 🙌

Finally, it's time to actually format that Windows partition

Goodbye, won't miss ya :)

Today is the day I truly get rid of Windows from my life 👀
I found all the alternatives finally and now need not to boot into my dual boot instance of M$ Hinderows

Wish me luck in the repartitioning!

I am ashamed that I use Spotify almost religiously and that I pay for premium

have you stretched recently? do it now. it will help! ♪

"I don't know what I'm looking at, but I was told to never let the tips touch..."

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Who knew air force bases literally smell like 3 month old diarrhea 🤢

Does anyone else use the Dvorak keyboard layout? If so, how long have you been using it and what made you switch initially?

I'll go first: I have been using it for almost 10 years now and I switched because I was starting to get symptoms of RSI in my hands. My typing on QWERTY was far less efficient because I learned it wrong, so I decided to relearn typing altogether by learning a more ergonomic layout + touch typing. I don't regret it in the slightest.

You guys are getting weirdos in your replies???

For FREE?!?!?!

Advanced Ornamentation Exercises pt. 2

In Bulgarian and Macedonian music, the pulse of the triplet is often felt in the ornamentation (as well as in the melody). Here are some characteristic ornaments that are common.

In the melody, single ornamental grace notes are often added before the main melody note, especially in Bulgarian music. This gives a special grandeur to the melody and a distinctive sound. The A minor scale is provided in this way, with correct fingering.

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Pt. 1

The richness of Sumadija's ornamentation lies mostly in **linked ornaments.** This only touches upon the most common combinations, but two or more basic ornaments linked are possible. See if you can come up with some yourself!

Some possible combos:
pralltriller + pralltriller
prall + mordent
mordent + prall
prall + grace
multiple consecutive pralls

For combined ornaments, the fingering for piano accordion is very important, otherwise you will not be able to perform these smoothly!

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