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@nolan a newer definition of progressive enhancement might be "to use browser built-in features where available, and augment them with javascript where needed"

So, this means avoid things like problematic scroll handlers, make sure links work as links so e.g. middle-click to open a tab works, use browser animations (css) where available instead of JS, etc.

The most worrying part is this bit from the internal message linked here:

> "Focusing Firefox on Users: […] we are reducing investment in some areas such as developer tools, internal tooling, and platform feature development"

Translation: users don't care what our rendering engine is, so why are we spending so much time on platform (browser engine) work? Let's focus on user-differentiating features (i.e. browser app chrome, not the engine).

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In my ideal world, my phone is just a web browser and the app store is just a search engine that lists PWAs. Lots of paths that could have gotten us there (FirefoxOS, WebOS), none taken.

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@nolan Do you know of an issue using Pinafore with Brave? This is what I've been getting (using a private window, on Windows 10). Looks like June 16 was the last time it worked for me.

Last year git defaulting to master bugged me enough that I proposed switching to `latest` or ‘trunk` and @isntitvacant responded by producing `git-the-latest` — now all new git repos do the right thing.

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Currently open in a tab for a donation:

The protests happening right now have acute donation needs. Policy changes via voting and initiatives like this are the longer-term followups, less urgent in the moment but just as necessary.

If you have not yet discovered, go check it out! This is a great alternative to Amazon. Bookshop supports independent bookstores and puts dollars back into literary communities.

#shoplocal #indiebookstores #publishing

We've worked with an epidemologist and a healthcare policy expert to make Social Distancing: The Game. How many people can you save? Please share widely.

New browser on the block: Flow

An interview with Piers Wombwell, lead developer of Flow, a brand-new browser with a brand-new rendering engine.

PROGRAMMER TIP: When running a query that process over a million rows of data, quietly say the programmer's prayer - "Hold on to your butts" - before hitting the execute button

@tsturm @radikalgrafitio "The sickly light of a flickering neon sign across the street washed through the slats of the venetian blinds in my office window. Somewhere, the pinched wails of a bluesy sax cried out into the night. I'd sent Dolores home early so I could get some thinking done. By the inch of liquor still left in the bottle, I'd say I'd already thought quite a bit. 'Datetime libraries,' I muttered at the oily swirls of grime on the wall. 'Why is it always datetime libraries?' "

This is in fact really good thus far. I commend it to your attention if you ever write REST-y services.

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@ceejbot I'm reading through – I'm only on point 7.4.4 but it's Good Thus Far

Don’t buy from Amazon. For the Holidays or ever. Unless they get their shit together, workers have a union and are treated like human beings.

@nolan I think this is an important point. People may not be aware how often their TVs and speakers are sending data to companies.

My top blocked domain on my pi-hole right now is to Sonos. How would I know that if I wasn't a) savvy enough to set up a pi-hole and b) privacy conscious enough to bother.

Whereas anyone running an ad blocker in their browser can see how much stuff is getting blocked.

Trying out Cloudflare's Warp DNS to get security and speed on my phone's data connections

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