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imagine if you could target someone in real life and see their name and pronouns on your HUD

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skidaddle skideenhouse
your dick is now a greenhouse

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my local timeline: people thinking about code problems out loud, talking about their hardware, posting recent happenings in the IT/CS world

my home timeline: if u dont like Hide and Peek from the hit game Wii Party (2010) youre getting fucking cancelled buddy

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when someone says that Find Mii is better than Hide and Peek

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honestly my favorite part of fedi is all the dumb bits everyone does

we're talking about that weird Robots movie in the context of classism and someone just rebranded into a stan account for a wii minigame

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@bclindner also caroline in portal 2

and broodmother and death prophet in dota 2



and she's fucking married to the VO for the TF2 sniper holy fucking shit i'm done bye

and the announcer from TF2

and the witch from L4D2???

TIL the voice actor for GLaDOS voices the Combine Overwatch from HL2

and the opera voice at the end of Portal 2

and the turrets

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or at least attempting to

turns out drinking a slushie through a standard 12oz can is hard as fuck

my hotel fridge flash froze the cans i put in it a couple days back

so now i'm drinking a lacroix slushie

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Please reply with pictures of your animal companions (and boost this as well)

I need it today

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