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guy just walked by whistling cruel angel's thesis

i love the idea of the echo dot but hate the idea of sending all my shit to a black box offsite server where they 100% do not care about ethical usage of data

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Ards long jumping into the
Barbecue machine

"we made our premier budget data collecting voice assistant device brightly colored and changed its software so we can market it for kids"

NGL this is kinda creepin me the fuck out

@mdszy I might have you beat

on a production app from work, one of the APIs i'm consuming gets images as base64 strings embedded in json along with the metadata of the object itself

we get like 50 products per api request so it comes out to like megabytes of just json

@mdszy ngl I almost choked on my lunch at the idea of a dynamically generated base64 urlparam property pass

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Gab has two known domains at the moment: and

So admins, go ahead and preemptively de-federate with those domains!

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oh boy shits about to get REAL HACKY UP IN HERE

help it's day 4 and i'm still sitting at my desk waiting for meaningful work

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I'm thinking about that weird thing that happened with a bunch of different webcomics in the late 2000s, where I guess a ton of artists all kinda realized at the same time "Oh shit! A very significant amount of my audience is gay teens, but also I kinda made my comic 100% straight people without really thinking about it! I should do something about that!" and then suddenly a bunch of queer characters popped into existence from the creative void

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watching someone screenshot dunk on my dwarf fortress bot has filled me with a sense of purpose in life

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as a mod all of these joke block recommendations are stressing me the fuck out lmao

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@iasipbot "The Bot Survives Several Months Without Crashing"

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