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*submits this picture to the Library Of Congress as a historically significant piece*

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@spookcentral my tl is posting about crazy frog covers and spongebob's gonads fucking let it collapse please

@lynnesbian i'm just imagining you doing your best impression of a modem every time you send a text now

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@nuttgodd i hurt myself today (ding ding)
to see if i still feel (mwep mwep)
i focus on the pain (bwaa bwaa)
the only thing thats real (cause im the crazy frog)

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the gummy bear song bear vs crazy frog epic rap battles of history

@chillallmen the worst part is i could definitely fucking see them doing it

@chillallmen i want to physically pull this post out of my monitor and scream at it

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I started a fist fight. I feel regret.

— Zas èrithuzlir, Clothier

I can now make so I can redirect people to a website that tells them to piss off when they message me when i'm out of office

@Gargron tfw u leave fedi alone for 5 minutes and they're already doing a new bit that you don't understand

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