man i hope forgefed gets to a point where i have a reason to cloud-host gitea soon

nsfw, cognitohazard, twitter screenshot 

nsfw, cognitohazard, twitter screenshot 

nsfw, cognitohazard 

Maybe lewd shitpost 

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npr stands for national peepeepoopoo radio

@Dee see now, i'm thinking about it and kodi has a python api that a ton of apps use and surely SOMEONE has done that before

the kodi youtube addon stopped working and now i have to get personal api keys from google to make the service work again :ULTRACATE:

@caymanwent lil homies just trying to go see his family mind your own business wtf /s

post-ironic rage comics, or as the internet likes to call them, "wojak memes"

ac direct tomorrow ac direct tomorrow ac direct tomorrow


@mdszy i'm not going to give you a concrete "yes" so as not to encourage other people to bug me for emojos

i don't know what nlnet is about but they keep funding fedi projects so that's nice i guess

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statistically speaking there must be a constellation of stars that, when viewed from the correct angle, looks *exactly* like an explicit picture of a MILF. none of this "oh the three stars are his belt" horseshit; it's such a photorealistic constellation that if an earthling took a photo of it they would feel compelled to censor the naughty bits. we call this hypothetical constellation the milfy way.

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