tfw instances upgrade early to get polls and yours stays on a stable release schedule so you can only watch the text versions of the posts scroll by without interacting

me: oh cool a new thing to develop for
thing: you gotta install this ide or nothing fucking runs or makes sense LMFAOOOO

i've decided to finally make use of the filter function. i never wanna read this bullshit again

when an account has 2 racial slurs in its name and @ spams people with an article whose headline is essentially "gaming sucks because women"

when you write a GitHub PR and it gets approved on the first try

I made the mistake of opening facebook again and one of the first things it showed me was a facebook announcement - not like a proper ad post mind you, a legit facebook system message - advertising Oculus' new headset

hey facebook, eat shit

guess i should check mastodon to see how everyone's doi-


when you promise yourself it's just a 1hr nap and wake up at 7am

slow day at work today so I learned a little mobile app development

fucked up mother 3 spoiler joke Show more

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