the tech worker urge to just say fuck it all and go completely off the grid and doing gardening or baking or some shit

it's really weird how universal this seems to be

had a friend describe it to me today as "burnout in disguise" and... yeah that's fair

@bclindner fuck, by that measure i have retired in 2019! 🤣

@bclindner Oh yeah...

Even back when I attended university I had the idea that some day I was going to say "Fuck this, I'm going to be a landscaper".

20 years and counting. Not sure my body would like to become professional landscaper these days.

@bclindner saw that post of mine from a few days ago that’s been getting some interaction? 😄

@CodingItWrong I actually haven't done any lurking since the Elon exodus, I think some memetic thing is going on where all the IT people are so collectively burnt out we're dreaming of primitive life again lol

@bclindner @CodingItWrong >IT people are so collectively burnt out we’re dreaming of primitive life again lol

Yes. I’m already well on my way to the woods. I wish somebody hit the pause button somewhere around the late 90s.

@bclindner why bread, @robby ?

if you want a recipe, i highly advise buckwheat + 2x water, a bit of salt and olive oil, 30 minutes in the oven at 200C.

have the buckwheat either soak overnight or simply turn it into powder before mixing it up.

i can't find this recipe anywhere, perhaps i will make a 5 seconds video about it, soon enough. 😁

thanks to #tamera.


Over centuries -- and at a *much* accelerated pace in the last 35 years -- most humanity has been robbed (through subtle persuasion, economic incentives and cultural nudging) of *any* idea that there is power to be found in the formation of communities capable of mutual aid and resistance.
Communities, rather than being viewed as *necessary* for and *enabling* of individuality, are viewed as (at best supplemental, at worst oppressive) impositions on our sacred individual essences.

@bclindner my go to fantasy tends to be some sort of job in forestry where I get to fuck about in a forest with no people

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