if your tech friends want a mastodon account we're still here, registrations just require a reason because of spammers. if they put even a short sentence about wanting to join for x reason we usually approve it

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we are also still monitoring reports, don't worry. don't forget to report bad actors when you see em. ash and I try to DM responses to each report

oh i guess minor since i'm not on here much, i'm one of the admins of and mostly pop in for big happenings and the occasional work vent.

if i deny your follow request don't take it personally, i just post a lot of semi-personal stuff followers-only these days, and am fairly choosy about who i add because of that

also if you have any really good real-life cat faces you want added as emojis let me know, i made a habit of collecting them a while back and now it's turned into a hopeless and crippling cate addiction :cate:

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