kubernetes has two moods: "wow this is really nice I can orchestrate huge changes safely and it's all very easy to keep track of" and "i wish only for the death of modern enterprise computing and the ability to run into the woods to live as a hermit, living off the land, forever free from this torment"

300,000 log lines and not a trace of why the fuck i'm having an issue

if it's not clear we are on the second mood today

0/100 nodes are available: 1 insufficient memory, 4 node(s) had taints that the pod didn't tolerate, 95 fuck you
pod didn't trigger a scale-up (I don't care enough, go away)

Warning / Cope / 15m (48275x over 366d) // Cry about it

@Lafiel I don't have a choice, this is company mandate shit

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