just completely fucking dumbfounded by this robot amazon announced recently. $999 for this thing. it's just a goddamn alexa on wheels and a shitton of cameras. it can't handle stairs. the advertising has it patrolling your house for intruders (you know like a fucking set of security cameras can already do if you're that paranoid). amazon is not even trying to hide their intentions with this thing. i have never seen something more worthy of a platinum internet of shit medal. jesus christ

like literally what is the point? i can fucking attach a camera and a cheap android tablet to one of those hackable robovacs and do 90% of what this thing is advertised to do AND also do the vacuuming and mopping

worst part is i genuinely see a future in some of this kind of stuff like elderly/disabled care, but of course the first thing amazon intends is "how can we get this into the hands of people we can collect data and profit from"

@alex i have not read them directly but the vice leaks were referenced in the two other articles i read trying to figure out what the fuck this thing does and it must be damning

@bclindner @alex apparently they break with alarming frequency and there's reportedly no way to ship them back to Amazon, can't see how this would be a problem at all

@bclindner If this was just a cute little robot I would pay a good chunk of change. That pic is adorable!

Though since it's made by amazon and being in the age of privacy = money I wouldn't think of having one near me

@bclindner What I can imagine is thieves hacking the system and spying out where the valuables are.

I mean if you have the 1k to buy that... there's gotta be valuables in that house.

@bclindner if you make it play dubstep while rolling around, does that make it more authentic?

@CyclopsCaveman god please don't tempt them. it's alexa enabled so all they have to do is give it a reason

@bclindner if it starts acting like clippy and being proactively helpful when it sees i'm trying to do something, so help me...

@bclindner it's like 200 indiegogo scams from 2010 megazorded into one big scam

@bclindner i mean, if i really want a spying device, capable of moving independently inside of my home, i would go with the fucking ring drone. Isn't the whole point of echo's being so cheap is that so you can just buy one for each room? hmm yes it might be machine god hellspawn but ngl it do be kinda cute doe

@bclindner it gets worse: part of the inspiration is the invention divisions manager keeping a camera pointed at his liquor cabinet.
Just teach your kids to be responsible about alcohol ffs

@bclindner even if it cleaned my floors too, I wouldn't have one

@bclindner not only would I never get one, I'd never knowingly enter the home of someone who had & if I found out once in, I'd immediately leave.

@bclindner I see what it can do that security cameras can't

periodically scan your bathroom for product usage and use that data for algorithms

@bclindner you're overreacting. Amazon needs your data to survive ans you should help them. Pay them money and bring this surveillance tool to your home so Amazon and their underpaid workers in shittiest work environment can survive. Thank you.

@bclindner when i first saw a pic of it without context i thought it was like a $200 toy for kids

@bclindner It invades your privacy and sells your personal data, but it looks cute while doing it
- Amazon's marketing team

@bclindner I plan on keeping my house dumb. I have enough friends laughing at me when I mess up. I don't need Alexa and Siri laughing too.

@bclindner I can't even make a list of why it just sucks because I will be too long.

$1k? I that sells good I'm going to uninstall my life.

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