"This is probably not the update you want." bodhi.fedoraproject.org/update

The result of Google restricting their services to particular user-agents and builds.

Are standards really standards if you only let yourself (and maybe one friend) participate?

(HT @mhoye for the link)


@cwebber @mhoye dumb fossbro take from me but i'm okay with this

if they're just gonna give us degoogled-chromium without the need to painstakingly compile it ourselves (the thing needs an hour to compile and 16+ gigs of free ram to link, ffs) then that just makes things easier for folks that want to let google go

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@bclindner @mhoye Though also, consider what happens if your bank, your mortgage company, your university follow Google's lead?

But what is true is that this creates pressure to build solutions in the opposite direction, and exposes just how bad things have become... to a few people, at least. But are they enough?


Absolutely not enough, I'm afraid.

People will still insist they have to use proprietary, single vendor silos, driving us all into their self-fulfilling prophesies.

Holding the door open to other ways remains more crucial than ever. I don't know what it will take to tear the door off it's hinges, to tear down the wall though. I doubt this is it.

@bclindner @mhoye

@cwebber @mhoye I'm not sure I really understand what you mean by this... my interpretation of this issue is that Chromium will no longer pack in Google-specific browser features, but would still be able to hit Google services as webpages just fine. Do we think there are situations where an institution will just bar access to their site without Google Chrome, at some point? I would think with Edge, Firefox, and the Safari monopoly on mobile Apple devices, that wouldn't be possible.

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