after the covid stuff can we just like, keep the masks as a health precaution and fashion accessory? they're neat

requiring them for everyone while we're not in a pandemic would be kind of a dick move, and they do get kinda stuffy, but still

@bclindner I, for one, will be breaking mine out every time I have a cold and have to go somewhere

@bclindner Also /great/ for autistic critters! (Or at least us.)

@bclindner I'm definitely gonna use one during Flu/Cold season, especially if I'm not feeling 100% and still have to go to work

@bclindner Please, no.

I hate the damned things. There are like exactly zero ways to be a wearer of glasses and a mask and not have one or the other move such that you have a fogged up view and can't see squat.

Obviously, I don't drive with people I am not already around, in the car. Because I'm not wearing a fscking mask while I'm driving, yeesh.

@SuperFloppies Not to argue the main point here, but as a fellow glasses-haver let me recommend investing in some antifog wipes, because I recently did and they do actually work.
The disadvantage is that when fog *does* overcome the antifog, it kinda goes straight to "micro droplet" form condensation, which takes longer to clear than "fog". But combined with a well-fitted mask it mostly keeps them clear from breath fog.

@SuperFloppies @bclindner I haven't had this problem, I bend the wire on the mask so it forms around the bridge of the nose

@redjoker @bclindner Me, too - then again my glasses are 3 years old and very bent out of shape, which is part of the issue...

I hate being broke.

@bclindner I'm keepin' it... I've been thinking about it for a while & the pandemic is just what we need to normalize it in the US like it is in Asia.

@bclindner I want that so much, finally able to walk around with a cool-looking mask without being considered a terrorist

@bclindner Was doing some hobby microbiology work yesterday thinking to myself "This would be way worse if I didn't have a comfortable fitted cotton mask to wear, which were just nonexistent pre-covid"
Side-benefits: happier gourmet mushroom cultures

It already was a fashion accessory in Japan, I think, so I don't see why not. Probably not many will bat an eye if people continue to wear them after covid stuff is over.
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