you're god damn right i'm mad enough to flood your timeline about cloudflare over a 15 minute outage, i am very tired of the many ways that capitalism has hijacked a communications network that stands as one of the most impressive technological human accomplishments and fucking ruined it for profit

the internet is the most important place in the world to me, it served as the only constant i had as a kid, it's literally what i spent a lifetime studying to understand and work on, and having it inexplicably go down on a global scale for a really fucking stupid reason sends me into a very specific kind of angry pissbaby rage

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@bclindner honestly, I didn't notice the downtime, but that might just be me

@toast toast "ahead of the not using cloudflare services curve" cafe

@toast your real name is Toast Cafe i will not be taking further questions

@bclindner I currently use cloudflare dns, but not for any particular reason
it just so happened that my recent near-burnout and then shitty work schedule happened right as I was switching services lmao
I'll look into moving off of it once my life is stable again, because the only reason I moved unto it to begin with was, well, that

@bclindner 🍬 From my equine understanding of human communication infrastructure, the reason Cloudflare exists is that there is so much malicious traffic that websites sign up for their protection racket as a default. End the capacity for DoS by both activists and script kiddies, and Cloudflare's core business goes away. 🍬

1995: "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it."

2020: "One shitty company had a bad day, now nothing on the internet works."

Ah, progress.


We (generic 'we' here) are literally re-centralizing the internet, going back to the Mainframe + thin clients model that started everything.

#Federation and diversity of services is more needed than ever... all the way to DNS (hello #OpenNIC)


@saramg @bclindner Yeah, Big Tech is letting AI's run the show, very bad idea.

@bclindner I'm glad I didn't even notice. Mastodon, IRC, xmpp, own email.. no interruption

@bclindner Thank you. You put to words what I have been feeling for quite some time, even before the Cloudflare outage.

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