hhhh i dont wanna clean my kitchen but i gotta ugh

brian being dysfunctional 

i have about 30 empty seltzer boxes stacked up in a corner in front of my fridge that i have neglected to break down

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brian being dysfunctional 


...are you me

is your house my house

brian being dysfunctional 

@brion it's just so much easier to throw them aside while i'm opening up the new one

brian being dysfunctional 

@bclindner I not only skipped trash day, I only cleaned up the trash and recycling because I couldn't press the recycling down any further in the stupid TINY recycle bin

I need recycle bin that's like my trash can, except I put recycling into there, so I can properly ignore it for two weeks (hey... that's the interval the city picks it up on, so...)

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