i will never stop bashing electron

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@bclindner the thing with electron is it's literally the only option if you want to have proper control over how your application is styled, because literally ever other toolkit (besides raw gl) never caught up
we just need a non-shit cross platform developer-controlled consistent toolkit and that problem would mostly be solved
but nooooooooo

@toast @bclindner maybe letting every gui developer create an application styled however they feel like isn't a good thing

@mdszy @bclindner perhaps, but if they want to do it, and they go to the *only* platform that lets them do it, it's not the platform's fault that it's the only one that actually let them do it, eh?
@mdszy @bclindner also see: "do not style my apps please" gtk/gnome initiative directed at distros, the state of cross platform support in literally everything, etc etc
my point is just that this is a systemic issue, not just "hur im gonna use the bad tech"

@mdszy @toast @bclindner hey all I know is Microsoft Encarta 95 was *the pinnacle* of UI design and it was more web-like than native-like in its appearance and it was pretty sweet

also Encarta made me want to work on Wikipedia when it came around

<3 Encarta

@toast @bclindner React Native now runs on Windows and macOS. Microsoft is funding the development of it, after successfully making it run on their most important platform (Microsoft Office).

@ashfurrow @bclindner yeah, about that...
not only am I on linux, I'm on wayland linux lmao
I can't even run regular electron without emulation (embedded X11 window) :^)
the progress to fix that seems to be stuck on "lol, chromium segfaults" too
maybe one day... but yeah, react native is exciting :blobsmile:

@toast @bclindner well Iโ€™m sure Microsoft will prioritize support for that, any day now,,,

@ashfurrow @bclindner
MS <3 Linux
just, less than everyone else (except maybe BSD, OS/2 and such)

@toast @ashfurrow really i don't mind the use of web as desktop it's the whole "electron runs on chrome which runs like shit" thing...

@bclindner @ashfurrow
oh yeah for sure
we need a better browser engine in general
I'd make it but I thoroughly hate everything about the modern web
in the back of my mind I do have an idea for using HTTP as a transport (I do like HTTP) but remaking the web in its entirety
and then making it embeddable :celsmugeline:

@bclindner @toast I maintain that itโ€™s possible to write amazing software in Electron but that most businesses using Electron are motivated only by cost, and therefore are unincentivized to make the apps good regardless. As usual, capitalism ruins software.

@ashfurrow @toast there are plenty of good electron apps i think, it's just uhh, running more than 5 simple ones breaks anything with less than 12 gigs of RAM

@bclindner @ashfurrow @toast agreed that the single worst problem with electron apps is memory usage. That's not all inherent to the platform, though, I think devs just don't bother to profile and benchmark -- especially on low-spec machines.

@brion @bclindner @toast exactly. make developers use netbooks and watch how quickly things improve ๐Ÿ’…

@ashfurrow @bclindner @toast when Win10 came out I deliberately got a ~min-spec machine (2 GiB RAM, 32 GiB storage, 1.6 GHz dual-core GPU)

it was ... an eye-opening experience

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