open source e-reader in a world full of amazon-controlled e-readers seems like a good move

@bclindner this is super cool. i wonder if it's possible to stick a higher resolution screen in it

@bclindner I love the back of this thing so much. I came back to the thread to post about it, I'm glad you beat me to it! It's like reading a bottle of Dr. Bronner's.

@bclindner Is there a typo on the board by the Babel chip? "Multliingual"?

@bclindner I saw this several months back and was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up on HN today. When I went to check the repo there was even a commit in the last 3 hours or so.
I definitely want to buy/build one someday.

@bobbybobson4888 @bclindner im aware of this but its specs are lacking and i expect any implementation of it to cost more than even a kobo. i'll just leave my kindle disconnected and wait for the fw it's on to get an exploit

@soymilk @bclindner putting the docs on the pcb is cute but consider: putting "trans rights" on ur pcb

@bclindner this is so cool! Yes, the world needs something like this 👌

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