open source e-reader in a world full of amazon-controlled e-readers seems like a good move

@bclindner hot take literally none of that information belongs on the pcb and it looks ugly as hell imo

@bclindner put that shit on the schematic or in a separate explanation document lmao, nobody wants to read off of a pcb

@mdszy as someone who has no understanding of PCBs or how they work i enjoyed it

@bclindner that's fair and to anyone who would just disassemble it out of curiosity it's pretty cool yeah

but for like, anyone who actually wants that information for real reasons, the pcb is the worst place to try to read it off of lol (also it would NOT be fun to try to read it from the PCB editing software either, guaranteed)

also MAINTAINING and editing that text in the editing software would not be fun ahaha

but yeah, don't mean to be a pooper, i'm just an ass sorry

@mdszy it's all good, i can see why that would be A Problem i think this image is for demo purposes because i can't imagine having to maintain documentation within a pcb schematic as part of the production release either

@bclindner this is super cool. i wonder if it's possible to stick a higher resolution screen in it

@bclindner I love the back of this thing so much. I came back to the thread to post about it, I'm glad you beat me to it! It's like reading a bottle of Dr. Bronner's.

@bclindner Is there a typo on the board by the Babel chip? "Multliingual"?

@bclindner I saw this several months back and was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up on HN today. When I went to check the repo there was even a commit in the last 3 hours or so.
I definitely want to buy/build one someday.

@bobbybobson4888 @bclindner im aware of this but its specs are lacking and i expect any implementation of it to cost more than even a kobo. i'll just leave my kindle disconnected and wait for the fw it's on to get an exploit

@soymilk @bclindner putting the docs on the pcb is cute but consider: putting "trans rights" on ur pcb

@bclindner this is so cool! Yes, the world needs something like this 👌

The fact that it's opensource hadrware is awesome. However, you can place custom firmware to a kindle, quite modern ones as well for added functionality as well as loading apps like Koreader. As long as you remove your amazon account from the kindle, you're all set.

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