cats destroying computers by sitting on keyboards are praxis

@bclindner Waaah! The best ever: THERE ARE PICTURES ATTACHED!! 🐱 🐈 😹

@bclindner (in the wrong order though… but hehe, still need to follow #STR's)

@rugk @bclindner

“My system details:

Ubuntu version : 15.10
Lightdm version: 1.16.4-0ubuntu1
Cat: black, domestic”

@bclindner holy fuckery, i'm laughing so hard! but it's so cute xD

drugs ref 

@bclindner I swear we once had someone reply to bug-buddy asking

What were you doing at the time of the crash?


smoking a joint

But really, that's trivial.
Everyone knows you should not cat into your keyboard!

$ exit

@bclindner Lightdm just doesn't work for me right now unless I go into a secondary TTY and restart it manually.

Then I can login.

@bclindner This is how people should write bug reports… There's no such thing as "being too specific" 😂

@bclindner Wow, it still hasn't been fixed? 🤯 Or maybe it has been fixed, and the cat owners haven't reported any other crashes.

@bclindner best bug report ever 😅
The thing is I already faced this issue 😁

@bclindner this is actually an improvement!
Some Ubuntu screenlocker (or was it a gnome one used by Ubuntu?) used to have a bug like that, but it just made the screenlocker crash so by pressing a key for a long time you could unlock it and access the open programs etc..
LightDM becoming unresponsive at least is less of a security issue :-D

@yakkoj @bclindner If the newer one is a better problem description or more accurately matches the underlying problem rather than tackling a specific symptom or edge case then yes it makes total sense to close out the older one.

@bclindner This bug made its way into Debian's initial XFCE release for buster. Very annoying.

This is however the most glorious bug report ever

I think cat's like to sit on keyboards (for laptops) because it keeps their butt warm
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