why is this a hot webdev take 

URLs good

why is this a hot webdev take 

hiding URLs from the user may look much cleaner but only because the corporate web loves making their URLs incomprehensible by tacking on a disgusting amount of query params for tracking and other purposes, as well as just not having good site architectures

why is this a hot webdev take 

it pains me to say this but YouTube is a very good example of what to actually do (excepting the prohibitively long gibberish base64 channel names). people know how to just edit a URL to make it start at a time, or set it to HQ in the old days with &fmt=18

why is this a hot webdev take 

watch. google is going to start doing the AMP thing on desktop where google is serving the page and tracking -every last click- but it LOOKS like you're on the actual site you wanna go


stop using chrome, at least use firefox which only passively antagonizes you in easily controllable ways

chrome has successfully rooted itself as the de facto web browser and now the main application we use, as was clearly the intention from the outset, and now we're seeing exactly what google had in mind with what they intended to do with that power

reminder that google is probably still trying to kill the internal systems that adblockers use, replacing them with a gutted version for the sake of "performance" and "security"

i get it, from an outside perspective getting this mad about Chrome hiding URLs seems a little ridiculous, but they are the building blocks of basically the whole Internet supposedly for sake of making the web more friendly, when we have all the reason in the world to suspect they're taking average users further from the metal so they don't hear the grinding noises when Google and other ad companies start doing nefarious shit with it

pitching firefox to the mastodon furry community: look it's uh, it's like chrome but it has a fursona,, and uh,,,,,


I am so confused. How the heck is hiding URLs more user-friendly even superficially? Sharing URLs *is* user-friendly!

This is a cyberspace version of the thing where Apple tried to spin getting rid of the headphone jack as “user-friendly”.

Sometimes I cannot believe that anyone would lie as blatantly as tech companies do, which is unfortunate because while I’m still reeling from their last lie they’ve moved onto an even bigger one.

alternate take 

@bclindner safari has already done this and frankly it’s not *terrible*? it’s like a “80% as good” solution (i would say that’s the amount of ublock rules that can be mapped isomorphically to the declarative format) and the way it’s set up does make me think that it actually has better performance

however i would also say that this is firmly in premature optimization territory

alternate take 

@cpsdqs @bclindner as a webdev safari is evil and awful and while chrome supports like every API (including weird ones that shouldn't exist) Firefox supports all the *good* ones and Safari just randomly decides what to support, and sometimes claims to support things but doesn't actually

safari makes my life worse

web dev 

@syntacticsugarglider @bclindner i keep hearing about people who say this but to me edgehtml is the odd one out? maybe im doing web dev wrong; i havent really encountered any situation where safari has severe limitations (except pointer events on the ipad) but edgehtml keeps breaking flexbox for me regularly

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@cpsdqs @bclindner oh it's mostly "fancy" Web APIs, things that are only needed to make the Web a first-class application platform (esp. on mobile) which is something Apple really doesn't want to happen

stuff like webgl, web audio, worker stuff, wasm post-mvp features, etc.

edgehtml is annoying but it's dead so who cares

web dev 

@syntacticsugarglider @bclindner ah, yeah. safari pwas do suck
(but, hot take: viewport-fit cover still looks better and more native than android’s notch handling and status bar coloring which is wonderfully inconsistent across browsers)

i should note my windows vm hasn’t hasn’t even mentioned the existence of chromium edge, so i assume a lot of people are still using edgehtml :/

web dev 

@cpsdqs @bclindner yeah i think i agree wrt the viewport stuff but I've never actually used a device with a notch so it's not visceral to me, I still use my S9 and have no plan on moving

i thought chromium edge was mostly adopted now but idk, i basically just support firefox and chrome most of the time tbh

@bclindner The Official Browser of snouts.online*

* At the time of this post, not actually the official browser of snouts.online

@bclindner there’s also vivaldi for people who want the web engines chrome uses without the extra garbage. even has an ad blocker built right in

@bclindner How long will it take before #Firefox copies even this braindead "feature"?

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