okay i just want to point out that bundle is 1500 games now

that was not a typo

you better be paying more than $5 for this

okay here's the ones i immediately notice and can sorta vouch for just scrolling down a little bit
* Night in the Woods
* Oxenfree
* Sky Rogue
* Catlateral Damage
* Nuclear Throne
* Celeste
* Bleed & Bleed 2
* OneShot
* Super Hexagon
* Heavy Bullets
* Octodad: Deadliest Catch
* Pico-8 (AKA the fantasy game console that brought us the game jam version of Celeste, one of the best indie games of all time)
* Super Meat Boy's soundtrack

if. you. play. games.

especially indies.

do. not. sleep. on. this.

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this is 8000 USD worth of games

i'd say this should be considered grand theft but this bundle is specifically about NOT giving the cops fucking ideas

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@farenfalls @bclindner not all of it, but lots of titles have tasty drm-free Linux builds

@skehmatics @farenfalls of the list i posted, the only one that does not have linux support is OneShot

@bootie_fringe @skehmatics @bclindner

yes, true. i went ahead and bought it to look at the games and find indy developers. didnt' realize it was geared towards a political/world movement. not my primary objective but if it helps it helps 🤷‍♂️

@farenfalls @skehmatics @bclindner personal experience: indie devs who do not release their source when asked either do not care about other people or want to be the next notch & already have a matching personality.

@bootie_fringe @skehmatics @bclindner

as much as i am involved in oss/foss i do respect if someone chooses to create closed-source software.

it's up to me to decide whether or not i want to buy it.

seems a bit dodgy to say they don't care about other people.

what if i designed software (propietary) that saved your life and controlled your med devices?

would that shift your perception?

@farenfalls @skehmatics @bclindner

I was only recounting my personal experience so far with indie game developers.

I have very little respect for people who create closed source software on purpose.

> what if i designed software (propietary) that saved your life and controlled your med devices?

I would probably be grateful.

You would have power over me & I would take any effort to prevent me from understanding and controlling my devices as a hostile authoritarian act.

@bootie_fringe @skehmatics @bclindner

keep in mind, not all closed-source devs are evil.

in the unlikely event you ever have to go on an lvad for cardiac support, you can send me a thank you 😃

@bclindner Check out Glittermitten Grove. It's one of the best games I've ever played!

@bclindner also Gladiabots, Tonight we Riot and Democratic Socialism Simulator

@bclindner I've only played OneShot, Celeste, and Super Hexagon
but definitely play those
the first two are some of the best games I've ever played
and the latter is one of the best in a completely different sense (it's just really fun lmao)

@bclindner anyway I'm kinda surprised VVVVVV isn't in here too, I can't remember the last time I saw a bundle with one but not the other

@bclindner Thanks for linking this here. I probably would have missed it otherwise. I now have more games than I could ever find time to play!

The bundle contains some games which can be played on #OpenBSD (list below was cross-checked with

Maybe this will convince some of my followers to make a donation, too?

Airships: Conquer the Skies




Super Bernie World

Super Rad Raygun

Brushwood Buddies

Curse of the Crescent Isle DX

Highway Blossoms

@bclindner Lenna's Inception is a really good take on the classic Zelda games, and we've been having fun with Odd World yesterday.

And just to reiterate what you said, if you can pay more, do it. It's a steal to get this much as it is, and the cause is so good that it'd be worth it even at full price.


>average contribution: $11.07


(I've paid $25 for Humble Bundles that had like 8 games; paying $5 for these is criminal!)

@yakkoj okay to be fair i have spent a lot of money on this bundle by buying it for other people who didn't have the means so multi buy situations like mine might be dragging it down a bit

@bclindner do the games come with source code – a.k.a .are they free software?

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