@Aleums probably, but i really would not want to try it

@claudiom @bclindner years ago when I was still podcasting we had a massive equipment failure and had to use my friend's iPhone as our media player for the intro and outro songs plus the music. I remember all of the jacks I had wouldn't fit into the 1/8th in input on my friend's phone so I had to cut one open and remove all of the material that was in the way.

@claudiom @bclindner
I once wedged an Arduino so hard that I had to build a programmer out of an entirely different Arduino and some bodge wires that I had picked up for another thing entirely.

@bclindner this looks like a lot of my room when I was young, I won't say how I added outlets to my room

@bclindner @david this is 100% some bullshit I would do — and have done *glares at BNC connector*

@bclindner @zardoz No joke, in high school I once got a paperclip from a hotel front desk and then rigged up something very similar to connect two RCA video sockets together in place of a proper cable with plugs on each end, because I had a VGA-RCA converter with me but no cable to plug it into the TV.

It worked great, and we watched Half Baked and had a great time, despite not being the least bit stoned 😂

@cincodenada @bclindner @zardoz Did you know Lego minifigs are perfect™ for holding RCA plugs?

(I read that on the internet once.)

@bclindner Ho ! Ça ressemble à un ampli basse Fender, BXR pour être précis. Non ?

@bclindner Glad to know that I'm not the only one doing this kind of ghetto setups.

@bclindner took a moment to realize that this wasn't some strangely shaped thing stuck into an induction heater

@bclindner this is utterly brilliant and i will be liberating it for future dirty hackery. thanks!


That is some next level fuckery right there! Brilliant stereo compromise 🤣😻

@bclindner i did something similar with bread ties once in 2017 to plug my then-roommate's Wii into my speaker. i was using the Wii to test my monochrome green crt

@bclindner This is the most aesthetically pleasing cursed electronics job I've ever seen. This is amazing. It finds that fine line between the cursed electronics work you often see that's horrible, a safety hazard, or both, and clean, professional electronics work. This is art. Cursed, but art nevertheless.

@bclindner I don't know if I should admire the inventivity or loath the ugliness...

@bclindner this looks like more stable and better documented solution than many a software thing that i had to debug in production…

@bclindner Looks cool, but probably isn't that reliable, especially on stage. That's why I always have a soldering iron with me. Funny thing that I am, when I am improvising a setup, am always lacking any kind of cable or adapter, except for RCA cables and connectors.

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