it hurts me because all these articles do is harm early-stage tech development. linux-on-phone is one of the only escapes from the hell that is the android and iOS walled gardens right now and writing articles about how it's "not ready" to replace your daily is just kinda introducing unnecessary FUD to public opinion of a new and up-and-coming technology just so you can get some clicks

"PINE64 makes the purpose of the BraveHeart edition very clear, but I think that brings about some serious concerns."

Why does a company making it explicitly clear that their current line of phones is meant for *developers and not end-users* bring about "serious concerns" what the fuck

@bclindner Daily driving UBports here, on a Nexus 5. My main workhorse is Morph, which is a very nice browser (wish it was based on Mozilla rather than Google, but oh well)

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