it hurts me because all these articles do is harm early-stage tech development. linux-on-phone is one of the only escapes from the hell that is the android and iOS walled gardens right now and writing articles about how it's "not ready" to replace your daily is just kinda introducing unnecessary FUD to public opinion of a new and up-and-coming technology just so you can get some clicks

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@bclindner the worst bit is this isn't even like "well don't gatekeep who buys performance cars but never take them to their limit, they're not preventing anyone else from ordering one" because this is such comparatively low availability that there's literally someone out there who wants a pinephone but can't get one because techbro just had to have one to be a fucking idiot about on line

@bclindner it would help if people would stop screaming about it like the pinephone is actually a usable daily driver device for 90% of the population
@bclindner lots of people discussing it online, which is why i keep making fun of it like the "well it makes phone calls but doesn't have any audio yet" update

@feld @bclindner

Ooof, yeah...I have it. The last thing I want to tell anyone is to "connect the stereo to serial connector to your computer and open a usb TTY connection. Next you'll have to hack on a polkit policy to get your wifi working because regex is broken in a moz javascript package. Or just try to do it using the terminal app and the touch screen".

I love the phone and hacking on it...but uhhh, it's going to be a bit before it's a daily driver 😔

@Clifford @bclindner unless you can get an OS on it that's at least as good as WebOS or Sailfish, it's going nowhere.

And especially if there are no apps.

As much as I want ~freedom the reality is that the world will buy the device that is easiest to use in their price range. Doesn't matter if you make this phone free: if it doesn't have a good $SOCIAL_MEDIA app, people won't buy it.

Apps apps apps. Mobile is nothing but apps. Without them you're going nowhere.

@feld @bclindner
The app ecosystem is real. I'm actually dusting off my c++ and going to try and wrap my little brain around QT Quick + Kirigami and see what I can make shake. Linux is great for hacking...especially on the Desktop...super especially on mobiles 😆

@Clifford @bclindner will definitely need a good app store and first-party push notifications

@feld @bclindner

💯 on first party push notifications. That's probably the hardest thing about running hacked android. You lose push notifications from underlying g services.

On the flip side, I fired up sailfish and it ran REALLY well...'cept this weird thing where the screen would randomly black out. Only happened when the angle the phone was at changed so I feel like the accelerometer module was doing something funny with the display. 🤷‍♂️

Like I said, hacking for DAYS :D

"PINE64 makes the purpose of the BraveHeart edition very clear, but I think that brings about some serious concerns."

Why does a company making it explicitly clear that their current line of phones is meant for *developers and not end-users* bring about "serious concerns" what the fuck

@bclindner "this thing is for developers but that's bad because it isn't market ready, immediately, right now"

Wtf is this?

@bclindner Daily driving UBports here, on a Nexus 5. My main workhorse is Morph, which is a very nice browser (wish it was based on Mozilla rather than Google, but oh well)

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