emojo.site now has a (rough) implementation of a multicate slideshow mode, inspired by the meme that gave me the idea for this stupid little webtoy:


update 2: you can now control the rate at which the emojis change. the default is 4 (beats per change); lower is faster.

also i have improved the music sync. the culprit was the audio not being set correctly and some slight issues with how i measured the beat timing. it'll still drift over time but eh


update 3 for the day:

i have now added temmie village as a playable music track

the site is now fully ssl-enabled and auto-redirects to https


i built emojo.site to have music switching support from the ground up so if you have requests the only real requirements are a) i have to recognize it and b) it has to have absolutely fucking massive :^) energy

4th and probably final update for the day is a minor one: the emojo waits for the first emoji to load before starting audio

ive been using this one for testing and it freaks me the fuck out chief

this has far surpassed mork.wtf. at some point i'll have to repurpose that domain when mark does something transcendent of even the most persistent catespam

@seventy i wrote it so all of the animation speeds depend on the tempo of the song lmao

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