friendly reminder that i'm a recent IT college grad who has no idea what the fuck he's talking about and should never be used as an authoritative source on anything tech lmfao

chief, i wrote half a vue app to make it easier to more rapidly test a web service i'm trying to work with, and then i remembered postman exists

i spent 4 hours trying to compile sdl2 for a smart watch so i can run chocolate doom on it and i still haven't figured out how to get the other dependency working

every time i run into a code problem i google it, even if i already know the answer, because i have no idea what the fuck is going on at *all times* and i do not trust myself

i am most developers

i guess the moral of the story is electronic voting is fucking stupid

@bclindner but ... postman.
no interest in cheaper alternatives like the foss

@bclindner too late I am absolutely ready to stick whatever piece of technology you mention next in my stack whether it needs it or not because that's how these things work
@bclindner I have actually seen a bash web framework before so this is totally the next big thing

@bclindner @Dee never believed in these LISP, Perl, Ruby, Python, fad languages, but Bash, seems like it's here to stay

@Dee @bclindner I once wrote a static webserver (not serving files) because it was just faster to check something that way
@Dee @bclindner lost the "in zsh" somewhere along the way but you get the idea
@toast @bclindner oh that's actually slightly less terrifying than bash so it's all good

@bclindner your boss wants all your code translated into monad form by Friday 2 weeks from now.
Less shitposting, more Haskell.

@bclindner I feel you, I just made 3 commits in a public repo shamefully failing to fix my own nil pointer dereference. 🙃😬

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