Version 1.0.0 of Ivory, my Mastodon automoderator, is now available! This release uses the Mastodon API exclusively now, and has new rules for handling those pesky link-in-bio spammers. Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions:

Other major features this release:
* Pending account handling! Closed regs? Use your Ivory rules to check pending users and weed out common spam signups!
* A StopForumSpam checker! I've found their free API is great for catching out spammers automatically. This only supports pending user handling at present.
* Improved logging and config validation! If you screw up your config, Ivory should tell you now.

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CCing @Gargron because like half of the reports Ivory tested on came from .social lmao

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@bclindner would this be useful at all for me or useless on a single-user instance

@ben Sort of! The instructions supplied are for running Ivory as your own user, but since you're the only moderator you could just use Ivory to make your report button into a "this is a spammer, deal with them" button if you're on mobile or can't be arsed to open up the admin console. In future releases I may try to get public timeline and recent post screening, but that's further off.

@toast when it stops being my pet project for making m.t moderation queues look less like a hellscape

@toast @bclindner That's a nice little Plemora server you have there. Would be a shame if someone...made an account...

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