Semi-important announcement: Google (reminder: they're an advertising company) has implemented Extension Manifest v3 in Chrome's beta build (canary). When it hits in the next Chrome update, it may break uBlock and other major adblockers, replacing the old interface they used to block ads with a much less efficient and capable one.

Google breaking adblocking under the guise of security/perf concerns is malicious. You may want to switch to a non-Chromium-based browser.

Google and other browsers already implement very strong restrictions on extensions; trust me, security isn't an issue for them. And while uBlock eats some RAM and slows pages down a bit, I assure you nobody who legitimately has the best interests of Internet users in mind thinks the solution to that performance dip is to make a breaking change that guts adblocker functionality.

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I can recommend Firefox, or forks like Icecat or Waterfox. Slower on some tasks, oftentimes still real heavy, but if I can give Mozilla anything it's that they're moderately more accountable than most other Web software giants when it comes to this kind of shit:

"We have no immediate plans to remove blocking webRequest and are working with add-on developers to gain a better understanding of how they use the APIs in question to help determine how to best support them."

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I don't like their wording but Mozilla knows the hell it would raise would in its community if it made this change without some reasonable backup like a new, similarly capable API or a builtin adblocker.

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This shit infuriates me to no end because we knew this was coming from the very beginning. An Internet advertising/data collection company that runs the absolute biggest site on the Web making its own web browser with some sketchy terms and conditions? And then pumping so much money and development time into it that nobody else can compete? And then implementing wide ranging data collection on the whole ass browser??? Hmmmm

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i am going to boost this thread several times today because hoo boy Go(oogle) fuck yourself

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@bclindner this is news from like half a year ago
it's what got me to completely quit chrome
"hi we are ad giant and we're going to intentionally fuck up any anti-ad things using our market presence in the browsing space"
it's definitive proof of why google wants to be the #1 browser owner

@toast @bclindner im totally shocked
i did not know this was happening
the ad blockers should only be showing google ads wtf

@toast Yeah this is just a reminder that it's imminent.

@bclindner IME ublock *speeds up* performance because of all the ads you skip :^)

@toast I'm just glad Mozilla's recent work brought Firefox somewhat up to speed now. Used to be some sites straight-up required Chrome because of performance and API disparity. Not too many of those anymore.

next step: rewrite servo in go and plug it into firefox
because lulz
(or just... tell them to hurry up with more quantum components)

@toast @bclindner next step, get rid of this DOM shit and just give me a good graphics API

@bclindner @toast Yeah modern firefox is unironically good. People are always amazed when I show off multi-acct container tabs, too.

@bclindner feels like they've taken the MS "embrace, extend, extinguish" approach.

@bclindner blocking ads is bad for business. You're not anti business, are you?

@bclindner Excellent warning and description. I'm running Pi-Hole at work and home, so somewhat mitigated. Let Google do their worst, I'll filter upstream, thanks. ;)

Nah don't worry if you just want to prevent google from spying on you you can just install one of their script blockers ...


Yes they are real ...
(And the most probably only reason they exist is to keep them out of legal trouble)

@bclindner Fun Fact: Chrome and Chromium were always both malicious.

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