friendly reminder that discord constantly hits /api/v6/science every time you do basically anything in discord with the details of what you did, which is an honestly creepy amount of data collection, and if you're using the browser version of discord you can disable that by pasting the following rule into your ublock:


you could and probably should also use ripcord but it's just not where i need it to be yet tbh

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@bclindner ripcord is nice, but a bit spartan right now, used it a bunch with Slack until they shipped the speed up update

@toast @bclindner tbh I've used Discord like 2 days tops, so if I were to go back, I would probs do it through ripcord, thing is I just let go of all instant messaging, except Slack which is for work, and which I never check until someone starts yelling

@toast @bclindner yes, I've used IRC since my coffee grinder running Win95 got an internet connection

@toast @bclindner unless you we're there it's very hard to overestimate how bloody noisy old hard disks were

@trickster @bclindner bam
there's your instant messaging
and unlike xmpp you have bouncers and such
instead of the protocol saying "optionally, you can not suck"

@toast @trickster i would not mind IRC if you gave me a bouncer and a client with image previews i think

but also there's the whole how the fuck do i get all of my friends to stop using discord, which i unfortunately have to concede kicks the everloving shit out of every other chat platform right now

@bclindner @trickster I have both of those things
do you want instructions? :3c

@toast @trickster i mean i could set that up myself, it's just it wouldn't really be worth it

@bclindner @trickster well
based on this conversation,
you'd have at least 3 other people on there to talk to :blobwink:

@toast @trickster
i could spend half an age setting up IRC again to talk to three people


@toast @trickster you know what i accidentally ctrl-entered that early but you get the point

@toast @trickster i mean half an age in my time can be like 20 minutes

@toast @trickster i think you're missing the point. rather than have an entire whole ass other platform to sign into and evangelize for and all that shit to talk to like 5 people, who i already converse with on another platform to which i have no objection, i could just hit ctrl-tab and be in discord. as much as i hate discord, irc is just not where i i'm at as a person and absolutely not where my friends are at.

@bclindner @toast discord would be bearable if it was used only for gaming, but now I see it being used for every fucking other thing under the sun

@bclindner @toast "normies" (for lack of a better term) want emoji reactions, posting images and having their Factorio blueprint bot still work

@trickster @bclindner
emoji reactions: just throw an emoji on there
utf-8 exists

posting images: I have this on irc

random bots: just change how it sends/receives messages ez

@toast @bclindner you know what, fair enough, it's not that IRC can't do these things inherently, it's just that "the hype" isn't there

@trickster @bclindner that's fair
hype is lame tho
it just makes you think X is better than it is
to be fair, discord do pay fairly good attention to UX, but it's not like it's without issues

@toast @bclindner discord's UI is shit shit shit now that it's doing two dozen different things at the same time

@trickster @toast @bclindner I have to disagree. Discord has one of the better UIs. It has been getting worse over time but it's still way better than most other chat clients(unless there is some beautiful app I don't know about)

@BadAtNames @trickster @toast i hate to same, but same. the perfect chat client to me is discord's FE without all the extra menus, the "gift nitro" button, etc

@toast @bclindner @BadAtNames that hack fraud gabron just has to ad non-shite DMs to mastadon and then I can never use any website again

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@toast @trickster @BadAtNames you say that - i don't even know how to GET to the store lmfao

@bclindner @toast @trickster I think it's because it's only a feature in the "desktop" app. I don't see it on the web anywhere

@BadAtNames @toast @trickster thaaat would do it, i'm paranoid and don't use desktop discord because i am a web developer and i can police a web app

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@toast @trickster @bclindner
After using custom emoji on discord and mast I can't go back to just UTF-8

@BadAtNames @trickster @bclindner that sounds depressing :blobsad:
even introverts need someone to talk to!

@trickster fuck it just gimme a tui client that uses that crazy w3m framebuffer image display thing so i can see my memes and call it a day lmfao


FYI: Discord is against the use of custom (or even original, but modded) clients, so you'll be in violation of their ToS if you do it.

Now, considering the fact that the original client is horrible for privacy and usability (since a recent UI update), I, personally, don't care and will keep using my IRC bridge until I get banned or whatever.

@xorowl nah, it's an endpoint block and pi-hole does its thing at DNS level. you've got to use ublock or a proxy afaict

@bclindner The best solution to this is not using centralized chat shit at all 👎 But thanks for sending some details about the data collection again.I read it some time ago but forgot the specific URL.And Ripcord looks really good 😍 That's exactly what I was always searching for when I still used the Discord shit.

@bclindner Oh, right, it would. They say they keep sending but throw it away on the server side, because Reasons™. Grrrr. *growls*

@bclindner so ... is any matrix suggestion prohibited around here?

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