someone on one of my discord servers called elon musk "car notch" and i am absolutely using that now

@bclindner How is Elon Musk like Notch? I have never used Twitter, please enderstand my innocence.

@trash did Cool Thing (Minecraft vs SpaceX, Tesla); got really really cocky (probably due to this) and thinks people should pay attention to their Really Shitty Views (gamergater etc vs raging capitalist); people still defend them regardless because of Cool Thing

@bclindner Oh cool. What's a gamergater? I never paid attention to the controversy because I didn't really care. What are Musk's views?

@bclindner Of course, for all his terrible crazyness, Notch really did create minecraft.

Musk bought the title "Founder" from an existing car company that needed money .

@apLundell @bclindner Notch saw Infiniminer and went "You know what your problem is? You're not Wurm Online"

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