friendly reminder that you can go to and download a copy of all the data google has ever collected on you!

based on this report, google knows enough creepy shit about me that anyone that had a copy of this data could probably blackmail me into doing bad things to people i love.

stop using google products.


fun examples:

- purchase records from years ago from domino's, amazon and steam that i literally did not touch google when buying
- a 26MB file detailing, in excruciating detail, almost everywhere i've been between the dates of and 26 may 2017 and 13 may 2018 (when i believe turned off location tracking)
- every phone i've ever owned and their IDs
- every app i've ever installed, every YouTube video i've ever watched, every conversation I've ever had over a Google service (yes even DMs)...

and this is just the data i didn't opt out of (can i even opt out of them scraping my emails for purchase info???) and that they were willing to give me, as someone that actively avoids Google products and shuts off any Google-related tracking on everything they own

other people have found entire private conversations, listings of their whereabouts down to what they were doing earlier that month (ICE eat your fucking heart out), deleted photos from their phone...

@bclindner You can (theoretically) turn the YouTube thing off.

@bclindner Terrifying. I'm still waiting on my archive. That is totally freaky about the 3rd party places. They clearly sold your "anonymized" data and Google put the puzzle peices together and figured out it's you. My freaking employer sold MY PERSONAL data to Facebook.

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